Over 12,000 Telecoms Use DIDX Phone Number Platform, Algerian DID Newest Addition

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Over 12,000 Telecoms Use DIDX Phone Number Platform, Algerian DID Newest Addition Over 12,000 Telecoms Use DIDX Phone Number Platform, Algerian DID Newest AdditionOver 12,000 Telecoms Use DIDX Phone Number Platform, Algerian DID Newest Addition

15 November 2009

Super Technologies, Inc, the leading wholesale marketplace of local telephone numbers to IP communications services providers, today announced Algeria DID (direct inward dialing over SIP or IAX2) phone numbers are available on its DIDX online platform. This enables anyone to establish a local presence via their voice service provider (if they are an active member of DIDXchange) in Algeria. This service works wether the end-user is in Algeria or outside of Algeria on planet Earth. Sixty-two other countries' phone numbers are also available on wholesale DIDX.

"DIDX members recommend SMBs, SMEs and consumers who need to have a local presence in Algeria and other countries outside of the geographical area they physically work and reside should ask their voice provider if they are a member of DIDX. If not, the users can invite their wireless or wired telco to take advantage of completing one interop to be interconnected with 12,000 and more other providers for DID buy, sell and trade," Suzanne Bowen, vice president of Super Technologies, Inc., DIDX, and Techistan. "Algeria is a member of the United Nations, ranks 8th in the world natural gas reserves, and is an emerging economy to be recognized."

Global investors and businesses involved in the industries of figs, cork, oats, dates, olives, citrus, tobacco and dwarf palm have the opportunitiy to establish a virtual presence in Algeria. These trades are important for this Arab nation, along the Mediterranean Sea.

It is the country of the world famous author Albert Camus, who is quoted, "The society based on production is only productive, not creative." The act of owning a phone number from a geographical area that the owner is not physically residing offers the opportunity to be productive and creative in business, friendship and family relations.

"A company such as Vonage (with enabling, affordable solutions), who now offer unlimited calling to 60 countries could effectively leverage offering phone numbers from 60 countries for a more complete and empowering package," adds Muneeb Iqbal, a DIDX Information Director. "Several DIDX members' solutions have been sold to smart companies and investors in the past year. Algeria phone numbers are not available on any other platform like DIDX. We aim to empower our wholesale clients."

The complete list of available countries and territories whos e DID/DDI (direct inward dialing phone numbers) are listed at http://www.didx.net/did.

Super Technologies Inc.

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