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FCC Eyeballs VoIP Service for New Regulations and Open Public WiFi Network
“VoIP” (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the technology that allows phone calls to be transmitted over the Internet instead of the traditional legacy system, which transmits phone calls via copper…

Growing Number of SMB’s Adopting VoIP Tech as Industry Leaders Quell Fears
According to recent research conducted by ISP Star, nearly 41% of US companies with more than 100 employees have already adopted cloud based computing and VoIce over Internet Protocol technology into their…

Voip Press releases

Coping with bad weather through hosted PBX
Another winter has arrived bringing a lot of cold and snow to many parts of the world. Coping with heavy snow and bad weather conditions is not an easy task for many businesses and can have quite a negative…

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- Voicebuy VoIP Provider
- Polycom Inc
- Huawei Technologies
- Super Technologies Inc.
- 4PSA

Mauritius VoIP Rate Exchange Mauritius VoIP Rate ExchangeMauritius VoIP Rate Exchange

Routes in Mauritius

HI Ring Someone
0 $


DataTEK Group Inc
0 $


0 $


0.01 $
0.01 $


Othos Telecomunicaciones
0.01 $


AJ-TEL Communications Network Group INC
0.02 $


DID Logic Inc.
0.0414 $


0.0601 $


Skyfair Network Tech. Ltd.
0.0792 $


Saleh Telekommunikation
0.084 $


TEFONIX UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
0.106 $


Voice Calls Solutions
0.1075 $


ACME Universal Communication
0.12 $


XiaoShenniu communications CO,LTD
0.125 $


VoIP Routes
0.1296 $


0.131 $


Rising Era Marketing - VoxNow!
0.14 $


0.14 $ Internet Solutions
0.1487 $


0.15 $


0.1659 $


0.187 $


Guptel International Calls, Simplified
0.19 $


0.299 $


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Business VOIP Providers
  • Vocalocity VoIP

  • RingCentral VoIP

  • Jive Communications

  • Mitel

Residential VOIP Providers
  • ITP VoIP

  • Phone Power VoIP

  • VoIPo

  • Axvoice

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