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WhatsApp Begins Voice Calling Feature
WhatsApp is a popular messaging service that many people use in lieu of SMS messaging. Recently, WhatsApp began gradually rolling out a new VoIP feature that will allow users in India to engage in voice…

Voxox Will Now Supply Cloud Phone Hosted VoIP
Every business owner is looking for ways to save money, time, and to increase the productivity of their business. Voxox, an internet phone service provider, is now offering a solution to this concern.…

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4PSA Receives 2014 INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year Award
Orlando, Florida - February 4, 2014 - 4PSA - a technology leader in cloud communications software, announced today that TMC, a global, integrated media company, has named VoipNow Cloud OnDemand as a recipient…

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20 May 2014
RingCentral Meetings(TM) Expands HD Meetings and Web Conferencing Across All Office Product Line
RingCentral, Inc. is an industry leader in providing cloud business communications solutions. The company has announced RingCentral Meetings TM will be included in all RingCentral Office Editions. The…
tag Mobile Voip, Small Business, Videoconference, VoIP B2B, Voip Conference, VoIP Software

30 April 2014
VoIP Service Market Revenue to Reach $88 Billion by 2018
Ever since they were first introduced over a decade ago, VoIP services have become a lot more popular among both business and residential customers. In recent years, the widespread availability of broadband…
tag Mobile Voip, Small Business, VoIP B2B, Voip Conference, VoIP Hardware, VoIP Software

17 October 2013
FCC Eyeballs VoIP Service for New Regulations and Open Public WiFi Network
“VoIP” (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the technology that allows phone calls to be transmitted over the Internet instead of the traditional legacy system, which transmits phone calls via copper…
tag Testing & Monitoring, VoIP Solutions for Providers

8 October 2013
Growing Number of SMB’s Adopting VoIP Tech as Industry Leaders Quell Fears
According to recent research conducted by ISP Star, nearly 41% of US companies with more than 100 employees have already adopted cloud based computing and VoIce over Internet Protocol technology into their…
tag Call Center, IP PBX, Small Business, VoIP B2B, VoIP Software

18 September 2013
In-flight WiFi Brings VoIP to the Clouds
VoIP services need little more than WiFi to give customers access to cheap nationwide phone calls, and more airlines are responding to an increasing demand for in-flight wireless Internet access. Soon,…
tag Mobile Voip, Videoconference, Voip Conference

31 August 2013
US Home Broadband Usage Jumps as VoIP Takes Off
The Pew Research Center’s ongoing Internet & American Life Project has revealed that 70% of Americans now have wireless broadband services at home, with another 10% gaining WiFi access through the…
tag Videoconference

16 July 2013
“Super WiFi” Network at West Virginia University Sets Framework for VoIP Infrastructure
On July 9th, West Virginia University launched what they are dubbing a “Super WiFi” network broadcast throughout the entire campus. This network uses TV band white space to provide free public WiFi…
tag Mobile Voip, Videoconference

25 June 2013
Google Balloons and a New Horizon of VoIP Phone Service
Up! Up! Up! Google has recently revealed its new plan to bring Internet to the world through high-altitude balloons. Google seems to appreciate a sense of humor of the “Loon”y project, but its…
tag Android, IP PBX

28 May 2013
The Future of VoIP Under the Proposed Expanded Surveillance Laws
“VoIP” and “justice” aren’t always mentioned in the same sentence, but that’s exactly what the FBI, the White House, and advocacy groups are talking about this month. The FBI wants to…
tag Mobile Voip, Testing & Monitoring, VoIP Software

2 April 2013
Interconnection Regulations and VoIP
Last week, analysts began to discuss future regulatory measures for interconnection between VoIP and other telecom service providers. Interconnection refers to the process of sending a call through multiple…
tag GSM VoIP, VoIP API, VoIP Solutions for Providers, VoIP Termination

25 January 2013
VoIP for Industrial Uses
VoIP is moving into the rugged phone business. Tough phones have been around for decades, but they have always used the traditional method of calling via landlines or cellular towers--which is the more…
tag GSM VoIP, Mobile Voip, Small Business

11 December 2012
Google Fiber Cancels Plans for VoIP Landline Service
Lately, Google has been busy forging the way in the fiber network world with their experimental Google Fiber project. With Google Fiber, customers can get Internet, or Internet and TV fiber network service.…
tag Testing & Monitoring, VoIP B2B

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