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VoIP for Industrial Uses VoIP for Industrial UsesVoIP for Industrial Uses


25 January 2013

VoIP is moving into the rugged phone business. Tough phones have been around for decades, but they have always used the traditional method of calling via landlines or cellular towers--which is the more costly method.

VoIP, or “Voice over Internet Protocol”, is the technology to make phone calls over the Internet. If there is a WiFi connection, VoIP is possible. VoIP can help businesses and individuals save hundreds to thousands of dollars in a year on phone bills. And VoIP is easier to maintain under challenging environmental conditions.

Why choose VoIP for industrial job sites?

How many times have you dropped your phone at work and watched it shatter into a hundred pieces? There have long been options available in industrial strength cell phones, but now there are also VoIP industrial strength cell phones on the market. These phones are made from materials specifically chosen to withstand harsh industrial environment, and common accidental dropping will be no match for them.

In addition, the EB Industrial VoIP Phone, the latest IP industrial phone on the market, was created to work even when SIP-server infrastructure isn’t present or is unreliable. VoIP will work in emergency situations, and when you work in a high-risk industry, a reliable phone is a necessity.

The EB Industrial VoIP Phone meets military standards. It is one strongest VoIP phones on the market. When you add the best phone with the best service, you have the perfect match of business.
What could this mean in the future?
If your phone call has ever been cut off in the subway or you have lost your GPS signal while camping, then you know the limitations of normal mobile phone technology. New developments of these industrial strength VoIP phones suggests we may soon see improvements in efforts to make phone service available where service has never been possible before.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have that assurance that you have have access to directions no matter where you are? Or that you have phone service during an emergency, or when you’re traveling underground or in the air? VoIP is breaking many of these boundaries and making it easier to stay in touch in ways that weren’t possible before.

Technology needs to be brave. And workers who take the risk of working in mines, or power plants, or construction sites, or even defense sites need a phone provider that isn’t going to quit. VoIP is there 24/7 in the harshest conditions, and you don’t have to work in the Arctic to appreciate such tough reliable service.

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