RingCentral Meetings(TM) Expands HD Meetings and Web Conferencing Across All Office Product Line

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RingCentral Meetings(TM) Expands HD Meetings and Web Conferencing Across All Office Product Line RingCentral Meetings(TM) Expands HD Meetings and Web Conferencing Across All Office Product LineRingCentral Meetings(TM) Expands HD Meetings and Web Conferencing Across All Office Product Line


20 May 2014

RingCentral, Inc. is an industry leader in providing cloud business communications solutions. The company has announced RingCentral Meetings TM will be included in all RingCentral Office Editions. The app is an HD multi-point web sharing and video conferencing app for computers, tablets, and smartphones. RingCentral Meetings TM is among the first applications offering integrated video conferencing that is mobile-centric, for businesses of any size.

RingCentral Office TM Enterprise Edition introduced RingCentral Meetings TM in January, 2014. RingCentral Meetings TM is now part of all RingCentral Office Editions: Enterprise, Premium, and Standard. The attendee numbers determine the platform. RingCentral will continue to expand the unique pricing model that is all-inclusive. New and current Office customers will have the app made available to them.

IDC research manager for Unified Communications, Enterprise and IP Communications, and Broadband, Amy Lind says employees can efficiently communicate with suppliers, partners, customers, and others on any device, whenever and wherever they want. The integrated solution by RingCentral Office is network, location, and device agnostic.

Business communications solutions offered by RingCentral are being redefined. The app goes beyond the traditional voice capabilities. An integrated solution is delivered that provides audio conferencing, fax, text, voice, and HD video meeting for all customers of RingCentral Office.

Included in RingCentral Meetings:

• Device Support: The app can be used with Macs, PCs, and Android or iOS tablets and smartphones.

• Multi-point HD Video Conferencing : HD video conferences can be held with active speaker spotlight and as many as 50 participants.

• Interactive Device Sharing: Photos, websites, documents from Dropbox or Box, and presentations can be shared from mobile devices. Using mobile devices enables touch gestures such as standard zoom.

• Integrated Conferencing: VoIP calling and smartphones can be used to schedule, start, and manage meetings. It is easy to schedule meeting with iCalendar, Google Calendar, or Outlook. Participants who use SMS or email can be invited.

• Integrated Chat: From any device, a group or private chat can be initiated during a meeting.

• Recordings: Meetings can be recorded on desktop and recordings can be shared or played back any time.

Pricing and Availability

As part of the all-inclusive pricing model, all Office editions have RingCentral Meetings. Four people can be facilitated in meetings with the Standard Edition, 25 with the Premium Edition, and 50 with the expanded Enterprise Edition. For a short time, RingCentral Meetings for Premium and Standard Editions customers shall be rolled over.

About RingCentral

RingCentral’s headquarters are in San Mateo, CA. Their cloud solution meets the modern mobile and distributed workforce needs. The expense of hardware and software on-premise is eliminated. Communication systems are more flexible and easier to manage. RingCentral is an industry leader in providing solutions for cloud business communications.


Business communications are optimized with Bring Your Own Device, call handling, and mobile apps. Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and Salesforce are seamlessly integrated into the phone system. RingCentral solutions are highly customizable and adaptable. Multiple mobile workers and locations can be managed with one system. One convenient monthly bill is received.

Complicated and costly technical specialists are not required. Devices, locations, and users can be easily and quickly managed by admins anytime and anyplace. Users have the power to control most settings on their own.

Tablets and smartphones are integrated through a simple process. Any device can be converted into a business phone. The whole system is managed from any place at any time.

A 60 percent savings of monthly phone expenses is possible. There are no capital hardware or equipment costs associated with legacy phone systems. The all-inclusive pricing is low and predictable and includes an upscale feature set.

It takes only days, not weeks, for the phone to arrive. It is fully provisioned, preconfigured, and capable of making calls. To get started, high-speed internet connection plug in is all that is necessary. Because of the cloud, there is no hardware maintenance. New features and updates automatically appear.

With phone presence, the system is managed in the user’s palm of the hand. It has single business identity. One phone number can be used for faxes, texts, and calls.

Wherever the user goes, the entire system of direct numbers, extensions, departments and locations are managed. Call recording, park, transfer, and flip increases communication efficiency by the advanced control. The status of a colleague’s phone presence in real-time can be viewed across devices. VoIP calls can be received and made over Wi-Fi, even during international travel, or without using carrier minutes over 3G/4G.

The mobile app puts the company directory at the fingertips of the user. Fax, text, or call capabilities are also available. Users having access to the company’s data customer contacts can be easily added or removed to safeguard confidential business information. Employee productivity is improved because their BOYDs can be enabled which reduces device TCO.

Using an iPad or iPhone, video meetings can be held or attended at any time, from any location. Office collaboration is increased with iPhone or iPad easy screen sharing. Cloud services such as Box and Dropbox can be used to share files, integrate chat, or have an active spotlight speaker for interactive meetings.

Conference calls can be set up or joined at any time. Unlimited iPad or iPhone audio conference calls can be enjoyed. Even outside the United States, ‘Join as Host’ one tap process can start conferences. Email or Business SMS can be conveniently used to invite individuals.

RingCentral’s Business SMS service allows text messages to be sent from an official business number. That capability is an industry first. Sending text messages in Canada and the U.S. can be done for free. Multiple recipients can be sent at once.

Productivity is improved with the ability to receive, send, or forward faxes from any location. Multiple recipients can be sent multiple documents at one time. Files to be faxed can easily be accessed from an iPad or IPhone. Items can be faxed in Dropbox from CloudFax, local storage, or email.

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