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Best VoIP Apps for Mobile Devices Best VoIP Apps for Mobile DevicesBest VoIP Apps for Mobile Devices


30 May 2014

One popular way to save money on mobile phone use is to hook your mobile phone to a VoIP service. These services use your current internet service to transmit your phone calls as digital signals over IP addresses. Using the right mobile VoIP, a mobile phone customer can drop the voice and data services of the monthly phone bill. Data sent this way is transmitted faster than over the mobile phone system. VoIP also offers extra features such as videophone and group chat.

Here are some of the top VoIP services:


This is one of the oldest mobile VoIP services, but can be the best for some customers. Skype features peer-to-peer connection with encryption of transmitted data. To join, Skype requires the purchase of a kit for about $60. Once installed, any Skype to Skype calls are free as well as calls inside Canada and the United States. Calls are charged at a low rate, but payment plans are available that include unlimited access. Group calls, face-to-face, file sharing and IM come with the application.


Vonage is a newer mobile VoIP but has become quite popular. Vonage offers video calls, conference calls, enhanced 911, off line access to contacts, chat history and recent calls, and caller ID using your mobile number. Vonage offers domestic and international calling plans. Vonage to Vonage calls are free.


This VoIP service is new and allows its software applications to be downloaded for free. There is no equipment to buy. Since Yeigo works with just about any mobile phone on the market and has free installation, it is very easy to hook up all of your friends and contacts with this service. Yeigo to Yeigo calls are free. Other features include the ability to create a Hotlist for phone connections, and Quick fire chats with a friend or group list. Yeigo uses its own independent service and servers, so it is never dependent on sharing with other VoIP companies.


Fring is a VoIP service that was designed especially for mobile phones. As such, it does not communicate with PTSN or land line systems. It does offer PC to PC communication along with mobile phone access. The service is free to install and use as long as one calls on a mobile phone or PC. Fring also requires a mobile phone with 3G or GPRS service. The older mobile phones won’t work with this application. Fring works with Skype, MSN Messenger, ICQ, GoogleTalk, SIP and Twitter VoIP as well. If you don’t need to use a landline and have internet access, this is a good choice to try for your mobile phone.


This is a niche VoIP that works with a limited number of mobile phones. It was designed to work with just these phones as many of these phones don’t have other mobile VoIP options. Mobile phones that this company works with include iPhone, BlackBerry and Nokia N and E series phones. Truphone offers free software to the customer to set up the service. It only works with a WiFi wireless system. Calls to other Truphone subscribers are free. Truphone does not require an additional internet connection to function like some other services. Otherwise there is a charge to use the service, but the charge is very low in comparison to other VoIP companies, most who don’t support these phones.


This service is designed to save on long distance calls with mobile phones. It serves a limited amount of countries, but is inexpensive due to how Voprium operates. Voprium is able to select the cheapest method to route each call that you make. Calls made to Voprium customers using a WiFi connection to that call are free. This service is easy to set up and the set up is downloaded free. Voprium functions in a few European countries, Canada, United States, Pakistan and Turkey. Special plans are available if you call either Pakistan or Turkey frequently. Voprium does not require a different phone number each time you make a call. This makes it easier to use than some mobile VoIP systems.


By using a SIM card, Yackie takes a different approach to mobile phone VoIP. This service works best for customers who make many international calls, travel frequently or use roaming often. Users buy a SIM card to install in their phone to start the service. The SIM card has an application that is able to find a local number for each customer that is called through the service in 32 countries. This number is saved and future calls are routed through this number rapidly. For the first call only, the customer has to wait for the call to be routed through the system. Each call is charged, but at a low rate. Only mobile phones that can receive GSM calls are eligible for this system. Yackie charges each customer two separate billings. One is for SIM card calls and the other is for calls through the GSM system. A customer needs to have a balance on both the SIM card and the GSM account to complete calls. A great benefit with this system is that incoming calls from over 150 countries are free of charge. Yackie reaches about 200 countries at this time. If a customer installs the Yackie software on a PC, calls to any other PC with this software installed are free. There is a charge using this service for all other mobile calls.


By reviewing monthly mobile phone fees and their mobile phone system, new VoIP users can save quite a bit of money each month. Fortunately, most mobile VoIP companies offer a free trial period during which the service can be discontinued if it does not work well with a customer’s mobile phone needs.

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