Why You Need SIP Trunking for Your Small Business

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Why You Need SIP Trunking for Your Small Business Why You Need SIP Trunking for Your Small BusinessWhy You Need SIP Trunking for Your Small Business


18 August 2014

Imagine, for a moment, how your small business would function if you eliminated all telephone devices from your universe and had to find other methods to communicate with clients, customers and colleagues. It’s a frightening idea; you rely on telephone lines for everything from meeting confirmations to short-circuiting emergencies that can trigger costly overrides and time delays if you can’t be reached immediately. But commerce is rapidly moving away from traditional telephone landlines in favor of VoIP systems that offer diverse services, benefits and extreme cost-savings. If you’ve ignored this tidal wave, consider this your wake-up call and read about one of the fastest-growing communications trends on the planet. Expect to be impressed.

Computer Required?

Not necessarily. Some systems require a computer, Internet provider and either a VoIP-compatible telephone, microphone and speaker setup. Some call for an analog telephone adapter and other peripherals interfaced by a USB port. Still another type of VoIP allows calls to go directly to a router using an Ethernet connection--or you can take advantage of wireless technology to obtain the same result. Some VoIP systems don’t even require a computer—that’s how sophisticated the technology has become. Given so many options, investigate different systems so you feel comfortable with the choice you make.

Connect Anywhere, Any Time

Perhaps the greatest advantage of having a VoIP telecommunications setup is the ability to call anywhere, anytime without racking up astronomical long distance phone use fees. Global boundaries? They don’t exist. As a matter of fact, you can sign on with any phone company you like and snag a phone number coinciding with that of your target market, if that’s what it takes to build your business. This can be particularly advantageous for firms with headquarters on the Pacific Rim since you can pick an area code that appears on customer caller IDs as a domestic line, so only staffers know the call’s point of origin.

Enjoy Flexibility

You’re on the go. You need your most important business partner (your phone connection) by your side 24/7. Connectivity is just a matter of portable adapters and your ability to avail yourself of e-fax, e-mail and remote conferencing capabilities, thus your library of applications will keep you up and running non-stop. Maintain your connections seamlessly to stay productive, current and in the loop—all without that hefty monthly land line phone tab.

No Service Provider Limits

Are you married to a long distance service provider that’s awful? Say goodbye. You can do that since your universe of service providers will expand exponentially once you convert to a VoIP system managed by your SIP trunk. Shop service providers from a growing number of established resources and check out start-ups eager to earn your business by promising great incentives to switch—options that land line providers couldn’t hope to offer—like giving you the phone number your business has relied upon for years. By the way, wherever your VoIP service goes, so goes your familiar service menu, so you always have access to the same security, voicemail and other essential features. Remember: the heart of your system is the SIP trunk, so when you shop for your new service provider from among so many options, it can’t hurt to talk with existing customers to verify a smooth interface between the PBX and the VoIP brand you’re considering.

Easy Start-up

VoIP providers want your business and they’re willing to go to great engineering lengths to make it easy to master their technology. Scalable service options allow for easy conversions plus freedom from bulky, space-wasting phone equipment. If your small business is still in its infancy, here’s news you’ll celebrate: You won’t require in-house IT geeks to set up your system and keep it running. VoIP is just that simple and uncomplicated once your service provider gives you an initial overview of how your system of choice works. By the way, some even offer user control interface options so you can even call the shots when it comes to speed settings, call blocking and other essential control features.


Admit it: You’re not particularly fond of the cables, wires and the other ugly tentacles you must look at every day to keep your land line-based systems functioning. You would like your offices to look neater; appear more organized, in fact. VoIP technology minimizes this clutter and you might even wind up with more space to spread out as a direct result of losing jungles of cables and wires that currently keep your land lines of communication open 24/7. Don’t be surprised if your fire marshal or building safety inspector views more favorably once you clean up your office space—you may even want to share the news with whoever underwrites your office insurance. Did we mention that VoIP can spur work productivity in people who can’t abide working in a cluttered environment?


It’s no secret that VoIP-enabled telecommunications got off to a rugged start when it was introduced. The technology had yet to be refined when it debuted to an eager business community and since then everything has improved. Connections, tone, quality and delivery are so much better than they were just a few years ago, even business owners who jumped on the bandwagon early and then left because they weren’t satisfied have come back. Today’s VoIP delivers plenty of clarity formerly only found with legacy phone systems, only you get the benefit of portability and huge cost savings. New VoIP converts switch to digital every day—particularly aficionados of rich media who have been known to be pretty picky about quality.

Bells and Whistles

Sure, you've been spoiled by features that come standard with your land line, but wait until you see how many of your favorites are now available via VoIP. Choose the right service provider and you can request the little extras that make life easy: Door phone entry buzzer integration (a bonus if your business requires heightened security), “Find me/follow me” call routing and voicemail with e-mail transcription features. Get music on hold, call screening, bandwidth analysis capability and conferencing management tools, too. Exhausted? Overwhelmed? There’s a feature for that. It’s called “Do not disturb” and it really does leave you alone when you've had enough VoIP time and must disconnect.

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