Residential VoIP and the Features that Make it Beneficial for Households

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Residential VoIP and the Features that Make it Beneficial for Households Residential VoIP and the Features that Make it Beneficial for HouseholdsResidential VoIP and the Features that Make it Beneficial for Households


3 September 2014

Voice over Internet Protocol is commonly known as VoIP. This service uses the Internet to help reduce costs and phone bills. In most cases, users pay a few cents per minute per call or pay a monthly subscription fee. Residents and businesses that use a monthly subscription can pay 70% less than the cost associated with a traditional phone service.

Residential VoIP providers use an analog telephone adapter to place calls. This is a simple device that connects the residential internet with a traditional telephone. In some instances, there are companies that allow residents to use IP phones. These specialty phones are purchased at local electronics stores and connect directly to an open Internet connection.

VoIP for Residential Use

Residential VoIP combines a simple to use method with an effortless set up process. This service allows users to place calls from any telephone or computer that is connected to the Internet. It is important to add that the most effective connection is a broadband Internet connection. In most cases, VoIP providers offer an absolutely free service for telephone calls; however, in other instances, the service is only a fraction of the price of traditional services.

Switching to this service from a traditional phone service is a considerably easy process. Users should understand that the process will eliminate the conventional telephone line and replace it with a cable or broadband Internet connection.

After signing up for the residential VoIP service, many providers will ship the required equipment. For the most part, this equipment includes an adapter or router that connects the phone to the broadband modem. There are a few providers that offer a complete VoIP enabled phone system. However, other providers allow users to plug current phones directly into the adapter or router.

Some equipment packages include an informational CD. The CD helps users navigate the quick installation process and it answers questions about the registration process.

VoIP Hardware Options

VoIP hardware helps users connect multiple phones via a VoIP phone system. There are several ways to create a high-quality phone system. The most popular option is to use a flexible wireless phone system. This is an easy method that uses the base of the wireless phone. This method connects the phone directly to the VoIP adapter and allows the user to place additional handsets in other areas of the residence.

Another effective hardware option requires users to convert existing electrical outlets into functional phone jacks. This is a useful alternative to purchasing new phones. This convenient hardware option does require running any additional wires. The process simply connects the base of the primary unit to the router or adapter. When additional handsets are needed, the user can plug the wireless phone jack into an available electrical outlet and connect a wireless phone.

A more complicated hardware option uses a multiple jack extension connector. This process is used to connect additional phones to an established system. This option requires running additional wires from each wireless phone to the VoIP adapter. This hardware option is purchased from many local electronics stores. The system plugs directly into the required adapter which allows the user to connect a phone into a multiple jack extension.

Residential VoIP Service Providers

For many residences, the ability to save money has several long-term benefits. In most residences, communications costs and additional phone lines can cost hundreds of dollars per month. As a result of the rising costs of traditional phone services, residential VoIP providers have become a useful alternative. VoIP services provide the same features as traditional providers; however, this service place calls for free and can setup a system over the internet for an inexpensive price.

Most residential VoIP providers understand the importance of affordable communication. Residential VoIP providers are beginning to emerge as the residential standard as a result of affordable prices, quality service, and impressive additional features.

There are currently hundreds of residential VoIP providers on the market. Quality providers offer benefits to residents that can include affordability, additional features, and customer support. Although there are many providers to choose from, there are a few that stand above the rest.

Internet Telephone Provider or ITP

Internet Telephone Provider or ITP is at the top of the list for most popular residential providers. ITP offers several innovative features and services. Currently, ITP offers a Basic Residential package that starts at $8.32 per month. Although this is the economy package; ITP offers several other packages that increase incrementally. Packages increase up to the Global Unlimited package.

ITP also offers the most additional features of any other VoIP provider on the market. These useful features include call blocking, wake up calls, voicemail, call forwarding, voicemail to text options, and several others. ITP also has a customer support team that offers excellent service. ITP customer support is available around the clock to answer questions and solve problems in a friendly, timely, and professional manner.

Phone Power

Phone Power is another popular VoIP provider that offers competitive rates and a variety of packages. Phone Power is a VoIP provider that is geared toward residences. This provider is useful for a residence that place hundreds of calls per day as well as a residence that makes the occasional call. Phone Power is one of the only providers on the market that offers a second line with Failsafe and a 30 day guarantee on service. This allows subscribers to cancel service within the initial 30 day period. In most cases, this guarantee offers a peace of mind that customers utilize if they are unhappy with the VoIP service.

Phone Power also provides several additional features that include call block lists, one hour of free international calling per month, speed dialing options, e911 services, call routing, and many others.


VOIPo has several useful VoIP services that range from monthly subscriptions to 2-year service agreements. This is an ideal option for residences that includes more than 40 additional calling features. These features include call forwarding, call waiting, call blocking, Softphone access, and more. VOIPo is one of the few VoIP providers that make a commitment to enhancing call quality and offers 7, 10, and 11 digit dialing. Currently, VOIPo offers unlimited calling to Canada and the United States. The service also includes a VoIP adapter that makes the installation process effortless. VOIPo has excellent customer service that is considerably helpful and can assist users with any questions they may have.

Before signing up for a residential VoIP service, it is important to conduct research and select the best provider. Many residences have specific requirements and one provider may be more appropriate than another. Before signing up, users should weigh the pros and cons of each provider. Understanding pricing, additional features and quality of service can help users make an informed decision.

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