Dell Chooses Vonage Mobile Technology to Power the Dell Business Phone

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Dell Chooses Vonage Mobile Technology to Power the Dell Business Phone Dell Chooses Vonage Mobile Technology to Power the Dell Business PhoneDell Chooses Vonage Mobile Technology to Power the Dell Business Phone


11 September 2014

Important mergers occur every day and, when they do, stocks and stockholders are affected directly, as well as the employees of the companies that are involved. Two of the most well-known companies in the world formed an alliance in September 9, 2014, an alliance which will benefit both companies infinitely.

Dell Technologies has chosen Vonage Holdings Corp, a leading mobile communication provider, to be the provider for their commercial mobile phone and device needs. Dell's commercial phone services will be powered by Vonage Business Solutions, a trademarked service offered only through their Enterprise Mobility Management. While many companies were bidding for this significant alliance, the chosen company simply could not be beat for the services and affordability of the product that they were offering.

Vonage has been one of the global leading wireless device providers for decades, providing communication services for its customers and businesses. Their commercial solutions package is efficiently deployed and capable of handling any amount of service. The cloud-based solution separates commercial and personal services, allowing companies to focus on a seamless transition that is secure and cost-efficient.

The President of Vonage Business Solutions, Wain Kellum, was quoted as saying that "Vonage is please to team with Dell Software to help companies save time, money and valuable resources by transitioning from traditional telecom services to highly-flexible, feature-rich Internet-based communications." He went on to say that this merger would increase employee mobility, flexibility and productivity with the use of the new devices.

Neal Foster, executive director of mobility and integrated solutions for the company, agrees. "Vonage Business Solutions provides the ideal platform to help the company's software address 'Bring Your Own Device' challenges, especially when it comes to increased employee mobility and technology costs."

Their quality reputation coupled with the Dell's reputation in developing a precedent for other industries with similar needs. Unmatched with efficiency, the economical benefits are also completely unprecedented. The bottom line is, after all, what companies are primarily operating to achieve. With mobile communication, mainly VoIP capability, being the main source with which employees are able to conduct day to day operations, this type of mobile communication is unmatched in its simplicity and compatibility. This is all done with any compromise to the quality of the work; in fact, quality is increased because employees are able to focus on the tasks at hand, rather than the time spent focusing on their mobile device issues. Because employees are using their own equipment to simply download the Vonage app onto their own device, the need for upgrading is also eliminated. This is certainly the direction that other companies will go when looking for future solutions for their mobile communication needs.

The new commercial phone, delivered by Dell Mobile Workspace, is a secure, managed work-space within Dell's Mobile Management Service. This is a solution that is perfect for any company of any size. An array of services are featured including VoIP, individual and group calling and text-messaging, recording of calls, all conducted in a secure mobile environment. Using VoIP over Wi-Fi will allow for elimination of long distance and roaming charges, reducing mobile charges and data charges dramatically. The unique features of this phone, referred to as Dell Enterprise Management or EMM, offers an entire array of communication capabilities in the form of an app available from Vonage that is available is downloaded onto the employee's personal devices. This feature alone eliminates the cost of having to purchase new wireless equipment.

Using secure passwords and technology, Vonage is able to keep the personal information of the employee separate from the company's information in the cloud-based server while allowing the employee to access all information that s/he needs to use when working in a remote environment. Using the app on a personal device allows the employee to work away from the office, yet the newly acquired information will sync automatically so that, upon entering the office, the work is waiting to be continued.

This technology of enabling work-related access on a personal device is known as BYOD or "Bring Your Own Device". According to most surveys, many other companies and industries are watching closely and noticing the success that Dell is experiencing and plan to move to this new technology quickly, targeting a three year transition to ensure seamless transitioning.

Wain Kellum, president of Vonage Business Solutions, goes on to say that Vonage's partnership with Dell Software will help both companies to save time, money and resources and that the transition from the traditional service previously used to the more modern, feature rich communication system will eliminate many of the problems that have been slowing down Dell's operations. Because Vonage employees are able to continue to use their own devices, they are familiar with how their own devices function, how to best optimize their performance and all they have to do to access their own workstations is install the app that is provided by Vonage.

The Dell commercial phone is easily added as a component to their EMM platform, which simplifies the role of technology, also decreasing costs. A single location is created from which IT administrators can manage the entire company's EMM. Using the app, IT is able to access the portal and secure a user's identity and device connectivity. If an employee is experiencing difficulty, a phone call to one central IT office will allow technology experts to log in, work on the employee's personal device, but only on the commercial portion, see the problem and repair it, without leaving the office. Employees are able to access files and folders using a secure work-space, and are also able to share documents and collaborate with colleagues from remote locations. The EMM system integrates easily with Microsoft Office offering industrial class work products hosted in a cloud-based environment.

Other advantages include the ability of the Internet technology department to safeguard call logs, monitor security of traffic on employee cell phones, but only on company platforms - the employee's personal information and use is entirely separate and protected. The company's platform, delivered and monitored through Vonage Business System's protected app, is encrypted within the Dell Workspace. Dell is also able to maintain security and compliance with the regulatory and legal use of the company's portion of the phone while the employee accesses the app.

Another safety feature is the ability of the Dell security team to sign on to an employee's profile in the event of a lost or stolen device and complete delete all pertinent and secure information specific to the company. This ensures safety and security of private and invaluable company information that is conducted on personal mobile devices.

VoIP calling using WiFi is a major way to cut expenses because it removes long-distance and roaming charges. WiFi can also help with indoor cellular usage issues by using WiFi hotspots whenever possible. IT administrators can set and restrict the method in which the calls are placed, even from a personal device so that savings are increased.

Dell's Mobile Workspace capabilities will be available for use as of October 2014. For Dell EMM users, the phone powered by Vonage Business Solutions will be available in four plans, starting at only $19.99 per month, which included up to 1,000 minutes per month and unlimited texting. No activation fee applies. Other plans are available which may be better suited to your needs at a different price. Check to see which is best for you before committing to a particular plan.

The BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, Mobility Solution doesn't just include phones. This service also includes tablets, laptops, desktop computers, any device that uses wireless networking, remote access from anywhere that is entirely secure, firewalls that are the most current available, and EMM services. Coupled with Vonage's security systems, consumers can be assured that their own personal information is safe as well as their company information. "Two heads are better than one." Dell and Vonage have partnered to create the perfect solution for employees who use their personal devices to conduct company business with.

Dell is now an enterprise that offers the finest in modern, top-quality technology to offer to employees in mobile working solutions. The BYOD enablement allows the employee to use the company's leading secure remote access work environment, powered by Vonage Business Solutions, secured by Data Protection/Encryption, to work wherever they are. Productivity is optimized, costs are reduced, employees are further enabled and production is ultimately increased, with no loss in quality. This merger is a win-win situation that set a precedent for future businesses to follow.

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