Without the Correct Call Center Software, A Business Could Fail

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Without the Correct Call Center Software, A Business Could Fail Without the Correct Call Center Software, A Business Could FailWithout the Correct Call Center Software, A Business Could Fail


29 October 2014

A business could fail without the correct VoIP or call center software. Unfortunately, many businesses do not realize that statement is true until they see their numbers dropping. The main reason that having the best software is necessary is customer satisfaction. A call center’s main duty is to satisfy every customer that calls it. Such centers take hundreds and sometimes thousands of calls every day. Poor VoIP connections from poor call center software providers can cause many accidents and errors that leave customers disgruntled. Disgruntled customers may abruptly leave a company, and retaining those persons may be impossible.

Poor software can cause customers to have to wait to speak with someone for far longer than they are willing to wait. Additionally, bad software can annoy some people by causing frequent network jams and even auto dialing people who are on the “do not contact” list. Obtaining VoIP service center software from the top providers is crucial to a business’s success. The right software can handle high volumes of calls, and it can assist agents in giving their customers the best experiences. Additionally, good service center software can help increase a business’s sales numbers by astronomical amounts.

Searching for the Best Call Center Software Provider

A call center business owner will want to conduct research before choosing a software provider. The key is to find a provider that offers the most features at the most affordable price. The shopper will want to read consumer reviews for several providers, as well. Some providers compromise quality when they lower their prices. Therefore, the shopper should ensure that no other consumers are complaining about receiving shoddy services from a low-cost provider. The shopper will want to review the tenure of several companies. A provider that has long tenure should be on the top of the list during a search.

Contracts are another element that a business owner will want to review during a search for the best provider. Some providers force their customers into yearly contracts while other companies will offer businesses the option to select pay-as-you-go coverage. Lastly, a business that is looking for call center software should examine free trials. Some providers offer free trials so that call centers can take a test drive of their services before they commit to them. Free trials are risk-free ventures that a small call center may want to consider. The center can decide to discontinue service if it is unhappy with the call center software provider.

Five High Ranked Call Center Software Providers

Call center software providers receive rankings from sites that dedicate themselves to investigating all aspects of each company. Consumers and experts give their unbiased opinions about call center software providers, as well. The following are five highly ranked providers, and the reasons that they made it to the top of the list:


The 4PSA company made it on the list of the best providers for many reasons. One reason is its 30-day free trial offer. Providers who offer free trials are quite confident in their products and services. Such companies establish trust between themselves and their customers when they make generous offers. The 4PSA company offers premium services, and it does not request upfront payment for its services. Users can choose from four convenient monthly plans, or they can select on-demand pricing. Some of the call center tools that are available through this provider are remote agents, smart queues, advanced reporting and more. Interested parties can try these services for a short time and monitor the difference that it makes for customer satisfaction and sales increases.


Avoxi is an excellent provider for a call center because it provides a 30-day free trial, as well. The free trial is not what makes the company great, however. What makes it great is its wealth of call center benefits and features. Centers that choose Avoxi will have access to features such as call whisper, quality assurance, remote agent, screen POPs, complex IVR, call monitoring, geographic routing, extended call recording, queue placement and many more. Avoxi offers advanced security and 24/7 technical support, as well. Furthermore, businesses can receive local telephone numbers from more than 150 countries. Avoxi is a provider that clearly has efficiency and growth in mind.


SafeSoft’s suite of services is aimed toward call centers that focus on growing sales numbers. The SafeSoft software aggressively assists businesses in increasing their sales numbers as much as 400 percent. The intricate features that the software provides gives agents more time to spend with prospective customers. One of the primary features of the SafeSoft solution is the predictive dialer. The predictive dialer generates mass outbound phone calls according to the specifications that the administrator sets. Agents who do not have to spend time dialing can spend more time talking. Predictive dialers have proven themselves effective tools for sales numbers increases.

8x8, Inc.

The 8x8, Inc. company is popular for its ease-of-use and its immediate system changes. Call centers can engage with global customers through the provider’s virtual contact center. Agents can have access to advanced reports so that they can give their customers superior experiences. Furthermore, the software is easy to install, and it can fit into any existing environment. Call centers that use 8x8, Inc. software will never compromise security because the system is HIPAA, FISMA, CPNI and PCI compliant. Call centers can start organizing themselves with this software today.

3C Logic

The 3C Logic provider’s CEO has more than 20 years of experience in customer satisfaction and telecommunications. Therefore, new users can trust that any software that comes from 3C Logic is geared toward making people happy. The customer service tools that this company provides are made to enhance customer-business relationships. Some features that the 3C Logic software has are automatic call distribution, real-time reports, efficient call routing, multichannel communications, agent training, remote agent, predictive dialer, PBX configuration and more. The 3C Logic software is compatible will all VoIP providers, and it supports white label rebranding. A call center could not possibly ask for more than what 3C Logic offers.

Trying the Top Providers First

A call center that is new to software may want to try one of the top providers for the business first. As previously mentioned, several providers offer free trials. Free trials are the best way to monitor and record success or failure without investing any portion of the company’s budget. Top providers will most likely deliver performance that results in long-term commitment from the call center, however.

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