New WhatsApp Leak Reveals Voice Calling Feature

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New WhatsApp Leak Reveals Voice Calling Feature New WhatsApp Leak Reveals Voice Calling FeatureNew WhatsApp Leak Reveals Voice Calling Feature


7 November 2014

Companies providing VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services having been growing in number in recent years. They have changed they way most businesses keep in touch with their customers and each other through voice calling. These systems can be set up to work on computers, iPhones and smartphone networks. They are designed to provide more efficient, animated and easier to use communication platforms.

Rise of VoIP Systems

When VoIP systems emerged, businesses could use their current phone systems by having them upgraded with computerized applications that utilize VoIP technology. They could then keep in contact with coworkers and customers in a variety of ways. Instead of having to use company phones at the physical location, they could also use their laptops, iPhones, Android phones and their desktops to send instant messages, voicemails and conduct conference calls using the same platform. It also made voice calls much cheaper and convenient due to the internet data transfer protocol utilized by these systems. Since so many people have computerized devices like iPhones and smartphones, VoIP technology is becoming mainstream very quickly.

The types of VoIP systems that are mostly designed for individuals like friends and family members vary slightly from the more advanced business types. The user interfaces are more user-friendly, for starters. Many of them are also cheap, but plans with more added features can be purchased for very reasonable prices.
WhatsApp's Popularity

For years, the WhatsApp messaging application has allowed millions of iPhone, Nokia, Android and Blackberry users to send instant messages to each other without having to pay for SMS(Short Messaging Service) services. This is true because WhatsApp Messaging uses the internet protocol and data service plans used for sending email messages. WhatsApp users can also create groups and send each other unlimited voice, image and video messages. Due to the growing popularity of VoIP voice calling systems, many wondered when WhatsApp would add this feature to their arsenal of internet-based communication options. The following developments have suggested that this is just around the corner.
Skype's Recent Contributions to VoIP Technology

Before continuing, it's interesting to note that Skype has been working on a voice calling service that lets its users communicate with each other in 45 different languages. It's called Skype Translator. It turns spoken words into a text transcript that the user on the other end can understand in their own language. The new feature is being introduced as a preview to Windows 8.1 users, with a full roll-out planned after research has been conducted on reactions to it and changes made, if needed. The languages available to be translated into are still limited due to the preliminary nature of it. It's also being offered for free, but may have to be paid for when the product is fully launched. The successful launching of this feature would definitely make Skype a more competitive VoIP service than most others.

Facebook Acquisition of WhatsApp

Facebook announced back in February that it was going to acquire WhatsApp. The acquisition, at the time, was supposed to cost about $19 billion. However, according to very reputable sources, it is now expected to cost about $22 billion, due to Facebook's share price increases. When the announcement was made earlier this this year, industry experts assumed that it would not be long before better, more advanced features would be added to the app. Then, with the higher price reported for the acquisition, other speculations began to rise. Industry leaders were expecting, and current users were worried, that the $.099 a year subscription fee would rise. However, WhatsApp founder and CEO, Jan Koun, stated that WhatsApp will remain loyal to the core values that have made it successful in the first place. Most loyal users took this as an indication that the price would not rise or that, if it did, it would only be slightly.
New WhatsApp Updates

WhatsApp users have been asking for a VoIP call feature to be added for a while now. Rumors began to circulate when an update was announced to users on the company's Frequently Asked Questions page. It stated that users of the WhatsApp platform would be notified of the successful delivery of their sent messages differently. Before the announced update, a gray check would appear when a message had been sent successfully. Then another gray check would appear if it been delivered successfully. Now, the two checks will turn blue when the message has been read by the recipient. The check marks both turn blue when all participants of a group chat or messaging session have read the message. If two check marks do not appear next to the sent message it might mean that the recipients may not have the current version of WhatsApp. It could also mean that they have not opened the conversation, or both sides are having connection problems.

Recent WhatsApp Leak

New images have been leaked on the internet implying that WhatsApp could soon add a voice calling feature and effectively compete with VoIP services like Skype starting in 2015. These images consist of the icons supposedly to be used for the WhatsApp voice call feature. Even an audio sample was provided of the chime users will hear when making calls, along with a screen image of the call.

Users of WhatsApp still worry about how much the subscription price will rise, if at all, if a voice calling feature is added. Despite all the information and images surfacing on the internet, as well as general speculation, WhatsApp has not confirmed or denied anything. However, the sources that have supplied these images and information are well established, and it is hoped that they would not risk their reputations by publishing false and misleading information.

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