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WhatsApp Begins Voice Calling Feature
WhatsApp is a popular messaging service that many people use in lieu of SMS messaging. Recently, WhatsApp began gradually rolling out a new VoIP feature that will allow users in India to engage in voice…

Voxox Will Now Supply Cloud Phone Hosted VoIP
Every business owner is looking for ways to save money, time, and to increase the productivity of their business. Voxox, an internet phone service provider, is now offering a solution to this concern.…

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4PSA Receives 2014 INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year Award
Orlando, Florida - February 4, 2014 - 4PSA - a technology leader in cloud communications software, announced today that TMC, a global, integrated media company, has named VoipNow Cloud OnDemand as a recipient…

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Get Everything You Need with a Wholesale VoIP Provider Get Everything You Need with a Wholesale VoIP ProviderGet Everything You Need with a Wholesale VoIP Provider


14 November 2014

Wholesale VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a useful protocol that can provide telephone services at a low cost. The new technology is catching on all over the world and is expected to allow new up and coming companies to compete on a professional level with some of the established enterprises. Even if your organization is not ready to completely give up on your traditional landline PBX system, your company can use them simultaneously or use the VoIP as a disaster recovery system. Whatever your company decides, wholesale VoIP will help them reduce their costs while providing them with effective services.

1. VoIP Innovations

Since 2007, VoIP Innovations has proven that itself as a power player in the industry. With VoIP Innovations, consumers can expect continual growth and exceptional customer support. This company ensures that their VoIP services are similar to the services provided by traditional services. The offer toll free DIDs, origination, and termination services.

2. Alcazar Networks

Alcazar Networks offers VOIP services at a reasonable price. Enterprises searching for low cost services with a wide variety of services including: termination, outbound termination, data services, origination, and toll free termination. When business owners can access their clients at any time, they can help their companies remain more productive.

3. Telnyx

Telnyx is another of wholesale VoIP providers which is coveted by business owners who need customization. This is one of the most popular providers because it allows consumers to purchase plans that are easily scalable as needed. Phone lines can be added or removed as needed because the entire network is located in the cloud. At any point during the membership, minutes can be increased or decreased. Business owners can determine if they want local, long distance, or international service.

4. IDT

IDT uses its VoIP services to help people communicate without all the expensive charges. You can build your small business with calling and messaging features and offer SIP trunking to your customers or clients. An app also accompanies the services and can increase productivity of companies. This particular service offers SIP trunking and to its customers and clients.

5. Voxox

Voxox is one of the best wholesale VoIP providers, and they operate completely in the cloud. There are many different types of services that are available including international calls, chat fax, translation services, and countless others. Apps are available for both the smartphone and the tablet. All employees using these devices can remain connected, informed, and productive using the helpful apps provided. They also save companies money.

6. Tier-1 Telecom Network

This wholesale VoIP network is provided by CommPeak and is known for its optimization. They also will monitor calling traffic to ensure a smooth operating voice communication path. Instant redundancy for disaster recovery is another of the wonderful benefits provided by this company. CommPeak offers exceptional quality and affordable rates. It's much more affordable than standard telephone services. The company also has exceptional customer service and are committed to providing support in real-time. With seamless integration, many companies are deciding to choose wholesale VoIP providers over traditional PBX providers.

What to Expect of VoIP Services

1. Origination

Most wholesale VoIP services will offer origination. This is a collection of initiated calls that will be handed off to VoIP endpoint for completion. Many carriers can serve large areas all over the North American continent. These companies also provide access to local DID and toll free origination.

2. Termination

Termination is another feature that makes it possible for calls to be routed and handed off to different destinations all over the United States and Canada. As long as the calls originate on an IP-enabled device such as an IP PBX, interface box, or a telephone adapter, users will receive the full functionality of this service.

3. Toll Free

Toll free calling makes it easier for people to access your business. Companies may get an 800 number, 888 number, an 877 number, or an 866 number to increase accessibility and productivity at an affordable price. Many VoIP companies are providing this service to make it better.

4. Metro Ethernet

Metro Ethernet connects businesses to a Wide Area Network. It's a cost effective way to provide fast and reliable connections. The bandwidths range from five Mbps to 10 Mbps.

5. FCC E-911 Compliant

All VoIP providers must remain in compliance with the law by providing E911 VoIP services. Wholesale VoIP providers must offer reliable services to ensure that their clients are able to call if necessary.

5. Fax

Virtual fax solutions will provide your company with all the reliable faxing capabilities. Carriers with fax services are often more desirable than places without fax services. The "always online" mobile services make the services more appealing.

Get Your Wholesale VoIP Services

If your organization wants to get your VoIP wholesale services, try to any of these services to determine which will work the best. Review the list of typical services offered and ensure that your organization offers these services. This list is not exhaustive, but it does provide a list of common services that may be offered by an organization. As an executive, you should be satisfied with your services. Otherwise, your company will not be as productive and efficient as it should be. Contact a customer service representative to learn more about the services offered. Most executives are happy that they did.

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