How Using a Business VoIP Solution Can Grow Your Business in the Coming New Year

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How Using a Business VoIP Solution Can Grow Your Business in the Coming New Year How Using a Business VoIP Solution Can Grow Your Business in the Coming New YearHow Using a Business VoIP Solution Can Grow Your Business in the Coming New Year


4 December 2014

If you're running a business, the chances are high that you've heard the term, "VoIP" at least once or twice. You've probably even heard other entrepreneurs or even friends use the term, but the acronym doesn't allude to much.

Simply put, VoIP stands for "voice over internet protocol." It's essentially a fancy term that refers to phone service that is facilitated over the internet. If your business has a decent internet connection, you could theoretically make the switch from traditional phone systems to VoIP today.

How VoIP Works

Without getting into the technical jargon behind VoIP systems, the technology works by converting analog signals from traditional phone systems to digital signals that can be interpreted by the internet-based phone systems. When transmissions are sent from the VoIP system, the digital signals are converted to analog signals for traditional phone systems. Essentially, businesses can facilitate phone calls over the internet using desktop computers, tablets, smartphones, or VoIP phones.

How Will VoIP Help Your Business Grow in the Next Year?

There's no arguing that VoIP technology is impressive, but you're probably still wondering how it can help your business. You'd probably be delighted to know that business VoIP solutions can grow your own company significantly in as little as one year. When the right VoIP provider is paired with quality software and hardware, you wind up saving loads on your phone service and even generating a bit of extra revenue!

1. A business VoIP system offers increased mobility and flexibility. VoIP isn't just a technology that will snag you a lower phone bill at the end of the month; it will completely change the way you do business. Businesses that utilize VoIP services can take their adapters or other devices anywhere there is an active internet connection and make/receive phone calls. This type of mobility is great for those who are frequently on the go, and it particularly improves productivity for those who travel often for their jobs.

Users will also enjoy the amount of flexibility that business VoIP systems offer. Using a VoIP telephone, users can simultaneously talk on the phone, hold a remote conference, send e-faxes, and much more. Multitasking is a breeze with business VoIP solutions, and productivity will naturally increase because of it.

2. Business VoIP systems are extremely easy to use. Not only is the hardware easy for even the most inexperienced technology users to use, but managing the business VoIP is also quite simple. Users can manage and make changes to their VoIP system by logging into a GUI (graphic user interface) on the web. This interface is hosted by the VoIP provider, so if you run into any problems, the company will be there to help you through every step of the way.

Installation and troubleshooting are also simple feats when it comes to actually setting the infrastructure up and maintaining it. In many cases, problems can be ironed out in as little as a few minutes. In other cases, the same problems can be fixed quickly by a technician over the internet. This means you don't need to hire expert staff or waste employee productivity on troubleshooting a traditional phone system for hours.

3. Business VoIP solutions come with loads of features. Many business owners shy away from making the switch to VoIP primarily because they fear they'll lose certain features that their traditional phone systems already have. In fact, most VoIP providers offer all of the same features that traditional phones are equipped with, and then some!

VoIP phone systems come with all of the features you would normally expect such as caller ID, voicemail, and call forwarding. However, they are also packed with advanced features that take your business to the next level. VoIP business users regularly enjoy features such as auto attendants, on-hold messaging, Find-Me/Follow-Me/Remote-Office options, e911, and much more.

4. Many VoIP providers will grant a free trial just for trying their products. Because VoIP is still relatively new, many long time traditional phone system users are often hesitant to make the switch to a more streamlined type of communication. Because of this, many providers are will to offer free trials to show new users what VoIP can do for their businesses.

5. VoIP business solutions eliminate the need for your mobile number to be on your advertising. Business owners have different reasons for using their mobile number in their advertising, but in essence, doing so can be detrimental to the company. Not only does advertising a mobile number leave the door open for being contacted at virtually any hour, but it can also easily indicate to potential customers that you are a one-person gig. A fixed phone line sends a professional message to potential customers that your business is more grounded and organized. VoIP business solutions can make this happen for you.

6. VoIP is affordable. Because VoIP is a new technology, a common misconception surrounding it is that it's too expensive to look into or make the switch to. This couldn't be further from the case. In actuality, most business packages can be purchased for as little as $19.99/month from VoIP providers. Considering the features that are offered with the service, it's a deal that's unbeatable.

7. Lastly, business VoIP solutions will scale with your business growth. As your business grows and continues to take strides, it's likely that you'll see a bit of up-sizing. Modifying a traditional phone system to grow with a business can be extremely expensive in terms of adding new hardware in features. This isn't the case with VoIP. Many VoIP providers can accommodate business growth and new users without having to physically replace or upgrade your hardware. When you're running a business, one of the primary things you want out of your suppliers and providers is easy scalability and flexibility.

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