SIP Trunking Advantages for Businesses

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SIP Trunking Advantages for Businesses SIP Trunking Advantages for BusinessesSIP Trunking Advantages for Businesses


9 January 2015

Business owners understand the importance of reliable communication. They also value finding communications solutions that are cost-effective, dependable, and flexible. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking offers many advantages for businesses that make it the perfect solution for upgrading any type of phone system to a broadband connected system. SIP Trunking seamlessly integrates voice and data connections, and offers customized solutions not available with other phone systems. It really is a game changer for business that have not already experienced the benefits these high-tech systems provide. Here are just a few of the advantages SIP Trunking has over regular phone systems.

Cost effective VoIP Systems

SIP Trunking offers VoIP system upgrades to any type of phone or PBX system. This means being able to convert old analog phone systems to broadband digital VoIP instantly. It also offers the freedom of monthly services without burdensome contracts that often require two or more years of service. It allows for unlimited calling to and from the U.S. And Canada for a flat rate. In addition, these data-integrated systems can significantly reduce the costs of international calls. International calling can be as inexpensive as one cent per minute with a VoIP system. Because voice and data are combined into a single bill, switching to one of these systems also eliminates extra hassle and extra costs.


SIP Trunking allows businesses to keep their current phone systems, and offers all the advantages associated with switching to a VoIP system. This is convenient for many business owners who have already invested in telephone and PBX systems, but want the convenience associated with data integration on their current telephone systems. Upgrading this way also eliminates the need to retrain employees, since the old phone system they are already familiar with is still being used.


SIP Trunks add lots of new features to an existing phone system, essentially converting even old analog phones to broadband digital VoIP systems. This means expanding a current phone system's abilities without the added expenses associated with replacing it. These systems have features like caller ID with name identification, voice mail services, call waiting, call forwarding, 911 service, auto-attendant, fax over IP (FoIP) services, and more more.


Because SIP Trunks work using broadband connections, calls to a business can easily be rerouted in the event of an emergency of any kind. This ensures that communications are never down. Even during natural disasters, businesses that use these systems will still be able to send and receive calls. This provides reassurance for business owners, employees, and family members during situations such as floods and other natural disasters when communications are often disrupted completely.


SIP Trunking lets businesses add and remove phone numbers and SIP trunks within minutes. This allows users to organize calls easily and smoothly. It also allows users to order local telephone numbers all over the continental U.S. in order to easily establish a local business presence in various areas. More calling trunks can easily be added as needed, and there is no need to purchase expensive toll free numbers with these systems. With lots of options for customization, SIP trunks make it possible to get all the advantages of upgrading to a VoIP system while keeping the current one.

Technical Capabilities

SIP Trunking has lots of technical capabilities that traditional phone systems cannot provide. Because it uses cutting-edge technology, it offers many different features that make communication more effective and convenient. It adds the power of broadband data to conventional phone systems, upgrading old systems to be anything but conventional.


Any device with internet capabilities can work with SIP trunking. This tremendously increases accessibility to the system from anywhere, and provides a significant advantage over conventional landline phones. Employees can easily work from home when they are sick, or take calls when they are away from the office. Business who switch to these phone systems find that it greatly increases productivity in many different ways.


In the event that a business changes locations, the SIP trunking can easily go where the business goes without the need for new numbers. Calls can also easily be rerouted, providing mobility for the entire system that goes far beyond what other phone systems can provide. These systems offer broadband mobility that allows for portability and accessibility from any device that allows for an internet connection from anywhere in the world.

Voice Quality

SIP Trunking provides digitally optimized voice handling. This makes telephone conversations sound crisp and clear. A digital phone system that does not provide good sound quality diminishes the possibility of clear, effective communication. Trunking ensures that calls sound great every time.


Because emergency support is available around the clock, all day and night, every day of the year, support is always available. Many businesses stay open during holidays, and it is reassuring to know that support always remains on call during even the busiest times of year. This provides business owners the assurance of knowing that communications are never down, and help is always just seconds away.

In today's communication centered business world, having access to a VoIP system is essential. Being able to upgrade to the capabilities these systems offer using SIP Trunking gives business owners a whole new world of possibility without having to replace the current phone system employees are familiar with using. This saves business owners the costs associated with replacing the old phone systems, while providing all the possibility and advantages that VoIP systems offer. Businesses that switch to these systems find their communications significantly improve instantly.

With so many added benefits, it is easy to understand the increase in productivity, efficiency, and organization that these systems can provide for any type of business. With no new system to buy, no expensive hardware to install, no month long wait to get a system setup, and no shortage of features, there is no reason to wait any longer before getting a business phone system upgrade that provides all the benefits of a VoIP system.

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