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Fax Services with a VoIP Fax Provider Enhance Business Communications Fax Services with a VoIP Fax Provider Enhance Business CommunicationsFax Services with a VoIP Fax Provider Enhance Business Communications


16 January 2015

With the new year have recently come into fruition, plenty of businesses have goals for the 12 months that lie ahead. As the owner of your company, you might know that you share some goals with other businesses, and this year, you want to increase productivity but reduce costs. A VoIP fax machine is one of the ways to accomplish that goal.


You may belong to the school of thought that believes if something isn't broken, then it does not need to be fixed. That mentality can help businesses to save a lot of money in the long term, but that doesn't mean you need to avoid every new technology that comes into being. When you choose a VoIP fax machine, you are not losing any of the features that you had with the old fax machine. Instead, you are maintaining them and gaining additional benefits.

Cost-Saving Features

When you think of fancy new technology, you might envision yourself spending a lot of business money to buy the items. However, with VoIP, you can actually save funds. First of all, you do not need to use as much equipment, so you are saving on that actual purchase price overall. On top of that, you do not have to use that long-distance calling feature anymore. Instead, this fax machine uses the power of the internet to make communications more efficient and easier. You can take that extra money that you now have in the budget and count it as a profit and put it toward other areas of the business.

Staying Up-to-Date

Chances are, in the time that you have been a business owner, you have just seen the competition grow more and more fierce. One of the reasons for this increased competition in the business world is the usage of new technologies to strengthen business transactions. Many companies are already using VoIP, and many others will proceed to do so in the upcoming years. If your business fails to join in with this trend, you might find yourself floundering to stay afloat in the upcoming years.

Easy to Use

While you realize the advantages for bringing the technology into your company in terms of budget-saving techniques and greater efficiency in sending a message, you might worry about the ease of using such a device. If none of your employees can figure out how to send a fax with the VoIP, then the system has failed you. Fortunately, the system is easy to use. Shortly after it is installed, the members of your team should easily be able to fax over important information to other departments and to other businesses that you need to communicate with.

Information Directly from the Computer

In the past, when you wanted to fax information that you had on your computer, you would first need to print it out. Then, you might need to make a copy of the original, if applicable, and fax over a duplicate form to the receiving entity. When you choose to use VoIP, you have the opportunity to eliminate a couple of those steps. Instead of having to go through the process of printing out the document in the first, you can simply fax it over the internet. With just a couple of clicks of a button, you can move on to other tasks.

A More Environmentally Friendly Technology

By reading through the steps mentioned above, and simply considering the amount of paper that is used with a traditional fax machine, you can likely see why that is not the most environmentally friendly options. If the entire process is digital, then you do not need to worry about wasting paper. Your company can bring itself more into the green movement, which is very popular at the current time. A VoIP fax machine, therefore, can save you money here too because you do not need to currently spend more funds on paper.

Quicker Transmission of Messages

In general, sending a fax does not take a very long time. However, in some cases, the information requested is dire and needs to arrive at the destination immediately. Also, if a fax is requested or required right before the close of the business day, getting it over to its proper destination can be challenging to do in the remaining time. Also, in the event that the fax machine malfunctions, you could end up losing out on an important transaction. With a VoIP fax system, you do not have to worry about that happening.

Connecting Your Old Equipment

Perhaps you are really low on funds, and you do not want to have to spend too much money at all on this project. Your budget is tight, and you need to find ways to bring in more profits to the business. Fortunately, you do not need to purchase an entirely new fax machine for the VoIP fax system to work. You can connect it to the old fax machine that you have. Properly connecting the devices could be a bit challenging, so you are best off calling in a professional to tackle that issue.

Immediate Response

If you have ever used a fax machine before, you know the anxiety you feel waiting to hear if it has arrived at its location. This sensation is particularly relevant for those who have had to send sensitive or personal information via fax. In fact, you might even worry that you hit the wrong number on that keypad. With VoIP fax machines, you can receive an immediate response. You do not need to wait for someone to call you or for someone to fax you back. The person can directly email your computer to let you know that it was received.

Faxing Private Information

While the hope is that you do not have to fax over too many private details, it does happen. For example, if you are purchasing a building, you might have to fax over paperwork with your private information to the mortgage broker or the bank providing the loan. When a fax goes through in the traditional way, any person could walk over to the fax machine and pick it up. However, if you are sending the fax to a specific email, you can have a greater level of assurance that only the individual who is supposed to see the email is going to do so.

No matter how large or small your business is, the benefits of a VoIP fax system are clear. This type of program can save you time and money, and it helps you to have stronger business transactions internally and externally.

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