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WhatsApp Begins Voice Calling Feature
WhatsApp is a popular messaging service that many people use in lieu of SMS messaging. Recently, WhatsApp began gradually rolling out a new VoIP feature that will allow users in India to engage in voice…

Voxox Will Now Supply Cloud Phone Hosted VoIP
Every business owner is looking for ways to save money, time, and to increase the productivity of their business. Voxox, an internet phone service provider, is now offering a solution to this concern.…

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4PSA Receives 2014 INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year Award
Orlando, Florida - February 4, 2014 - 4PSA - a technology leader in cloud communications software, announced today that TMC, a global, integrated media company, has named VoipNow Cloud OnDemand as a recipient…

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14 November 2014
Get Everything You Need with a Wholesale VoIP Provider
Wholesale VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a useful protocol that can provide telephone services at a low cost. The new technology is catching on all over the world and is expected to allow new up…
tag VoIP Hardware, VoIP Software, VoIP Solutions for Providers, VoIP Termination

20 October 2014
SIP Trunking Will Be Used by 3/4 of North American Businesses in the Near Future
The Internet stirred a revolution in the way human beings interact with one another, changing everything from entertainment to politics and, perhaps most importantly, commerce. It is the communication…
tag Small Business, VoIP Software, VoIP Solutions for Providers

19 September 2014
An Overview of the Global VoIP Market
A new market report has been released by Transparency Market Research which shows that the value of the global VoIP market has grown significantly over the past few years and is expected to continue growing…
tag VoIP B2B, VoIP Hardware, VoIP Software, VoIP Solutions for Providers

3 September 2014
Residential VoIP and the Features that Make it Beneficial for Households
Voice over Internet Protocol is commonly known as VoIP. This service uses the Internet to help reduce costs and phone bills. In most cases, users pay a few cents per minute per call or pay a monthly subscription…
tag VoIP Hardware, VoIP Software, VoIP Solutions for Providers

18 August 2014
Why You Need SIP Trunking for Your Small Business
Imagine, for a moment, how your small business would function if you eliminated all telephone devices from your universe and had to find other methods to communicate with clients, customers and colleagues.…
tag Small Business, VoIP Hardware, VoIP Software, VoIP Solutions for Providers

7 August 2014
U.S. Phone Customers are Moving over to VoIP at a Rapid Pace
VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, is also called IP Telephony. It’s simply a different method of placing phone calls, except it’s cheaper or even free. It no longer necessarily uses…
tag IP PBX, Mobile Voip, Small Business, Videoconference, Voip Conference, VoIP Hardware, VoIP Software, VoIP Solutions for Providers

17 July 2014
The Reasons Why Business VoIP Solutions Are the Best Choice for Telecommunications
Business VoIP solutions offer companies a far more robust array of services and features than conventional land lines do. Moreover, these services are much less costly to secure and maintain. Given that…
tag VoIP Solutions for Providers

10 July 2014
Why Residences Need to Switch From Landline to a Residential VoIP Provider
We’re living in the middle of the Internet age, and it’s now at a point where VoIP (voice-over-IP) phones have become a much better option for phone users than traditional phone lines. This is a well…
tag VoIP Hardware, VoIP Solutions for Providers

17 October 2013
FCC Eyeballs VoIP Service for New Regulations and Open Public WiFi Network
“VoIP” (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the technology that allows phone calls to be transmitted over the Internet instead of the traditional legacy system, which transmits phone calls via copper…
tag Testing & Monitoring, VoIP Solutions for Providers

2 April 2013
Interconnection Regulations and VoIP
Last week, analysts began to discuss future regulatory measures for interconnection between VoIP and other telecom service providers. Interconnection refers to the process of sending a call through multiple…
tag GSM VoIP, VoIP API, VoIP Solutions for Providers, VoIP Termination

30 April 2012
FCC Will Require VoIP Service Providers to Report VoIP Service Outages
The FCC will soon be requiring VoIP service providers in the US to report VoIP service outages to the FCC. The ruling, which was published Friday, only applies to VoIP service providers, and not to broadband…
tag Testing & Monitoring, VoIP Solutions for Providers

2 March 2012
Media5 Corporation Announced VoIP Supply as North American Partner
Media5 Corporation, one of leading providers of IP-based multimedia communications solutions, has officially announced that the company had signed a reseller agreement with VoIP Supply, one of leading…
tag Small Business, VoIP B2B, VoIP International A-Z, VoIP Solutions for Providers

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