Tpad Predictive Diallers are Backed by SIP Technology

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Tpad Predictive Diallers are Backed by SIP Technology Tpad Predictive Diallers are Backed by SIP TechnologyTpad Predictive Diallers are Backed by SIP Technology

7 February 2012

Tpad has combined two leading discoveries in the telecommunications industry, predictive Diallers and the SIP technology, in their full-featured predictive SIP dialler.

Tpad has recently announced the addition of SIP trunking services as part of their roster of services, and now the leading telecommunications company has launched their predictive diallers, powered by their SIP technology. These predictive diallers are currently and actively marketed to call centre businesses.

Tpad’s SIP technology eliminates the need to rely on hardware-based telephony systems by streaming call data through the Internet. With calls being made over the Internet, companies are spending significantly less on communications. This has also expanded companies’ communications reach, allowing them to communicate internationally at minimal costs. This technology enables not only voice calls, but integrates video calls, conference calls, video conferencing, and instant messaging, all in a single system. According to Steven Johns, Marketing Manager of Tpad’s SIP, the SIP technology is bigger than VoIP technology. Johns adds, "SIP has been around for more than a year, but there is more to this technology than meets the eye, or at least many telecom-centred companies know about."

Tpad Predictive Dialler Software for Contact Centres

Now, Tpad has used their SIP technology to create an integrated telephony solutions designed specifically for call centre businesses. This new solution is called a predictive dialler, a system responsible for dialing numbers from a database and passing these calls to call agents. However, Tpad enhanced it by using its SIP technology to provide the connection and overall capabilities of the system. Tpad’s Sales Director Simon Jones explains, "Although SIP technology is based mainly on the convergence of data and voice through Internet connectivity; we would like to explain that the use of SIP can indeed be expanded to suit the needs of clients."

Tpad’s efforts resulted in a predictive dialing system that enjoys high-speed Internet provided by Tpad ISP partner, Supanet, as well as a high-performance system that offers far more than just predictive dialing capabilities. Tpad’s predictive diallers also automatically filters out unsuccessful calls to ensure that all agents spend time only on successful calls with the potential to sell. This system also acts as a scheduler that keeps track of all calls made and all numbers that need to be called back. The system also comes with call recording, a solution that comes in handy in monitoring call agent performance, as well as statistics generation, which assists managers in assessing the performance of the organization as a whole.

Most importantly, the predictive dialler from Tpad is expected to enlarge the revenue enjoyed by call centres by reducing their operations expenses by a large margin. Citing actual studies, Johns says that with Tpad’s SIP technology, call centres can expect a significant 30% reduction in costs of connectivity within the first few months following implementation.

Tpad Predictive Dialler Software for Contact Centres

Johns also explains the reason behind Tpad’s commitment to its predictive call centre dialler software , "Companies from all over the country has entrusted us to improve their phone system technology, and we give them just that - affordable calls that can be made anywhere and low-cost incoming toll free number calling capability.”

If interested, quotations and inquiries regarding Tpad’s predictive and blended dialler software can be made online, with responses guaranteed within 48 hours. Tpad also banks heavily on efficiency, and thus ensure that their predictive SIP dialler system can be deployed within 3-4 weeks. For more information on Tpad’s predictive SIP dialler for call centres and its other telecommunication solutions for businesses, visit Tpad’s website at or call +44 (0) 845 122 1746.

About Tpad: (
Tpad is a world-wide leading provider of managed and hosted SIP services trusted by hundreds of customers not only in the UK but worldwide. Their new business SIP services include call centre auto-dialers, SIP trunking, Business PBX Phone Systems, SIP media Gateways, Call Reporting Suites and Mobile Call Recording offer not only efficient communications solutions, but security, reliability and high quality of service that meets every need of business enterprises and their users. For more information on their premium predictive call centre diallers software, please visit the official website at or call them at +44 (0)845 122 1746 for a free quote or dialler demo within 24 hours.


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