VoIPdito Joins Voxbone's Global iNum Network, Giving a World of Options to Businesses Everywhere

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VoIPdito Joins Voxbone's Global iNum Network, Giving a World of Options to Businesses Everywhere VoIPdito Joins Voxbone's Global iNum Network, Giving a World of Options to Businesses EverywhereVoIPdito Joins Voxbone's Global iNum Network, Giving a World of Options to Businesses Everywhere

26 March 2012

VoIPdito steps up cloud-based communications with its partnership with Voxbone's iNum service – giving even small and medium-sized businesses the chance to reach out to a broader market and investor base.

London (UK), 26th March 2012 - VoIPdito has long been known as a leader in the internet telephony industry. Its innovative approach to communications allows numerous enterprises to revamp their internal and external networks, and enables them to keep up with the steadily increasing rate of global change. As further proof of its commitment to communication development, VoIPdito joins the iNum® network – through which Voxbone offers global numbers that can ring VoIP phones anywhere – to bring forth even more advanced cloud-based solutions to clients the world over.

Modern technology has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years. The internet is one proof of our hold over technology – and if there is any doubt regarding this, one simply has to look around and see how peoples’ lives have changed due to the advent of the internet.

Global communication, for one, is no longer a pipe dream. Nowadays, individuals and businesses can communicate with each other in the blink of an eye, share files and important documents, upload photos, and engage in numerous complex transactions such as shopping and research. The communications arena is further added to by such developments as VoIP. Traditionally, the use of VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol involved extensive hardware and preparation which could only be afforded by multinational corporations – but this is slowly changing as well.

Thanks to companies like VoIPdito, any enterprise can take advantage of advanced communications channels without worrying about exorbitant expenses or tricky hardware. The cloud-based solutions offered by VoIPdito enable enterprises to have faster business processes and engage in a better business model altogether. Furthermore, VoIPdito has now joined the global iNum network, bringing about additional benefits for customers such as free of charge iNum numbers.

Hugh Porter, the Chief Technical Officer of VoIPdito, has plenty of confidence in the system. “From now on our customers will be able to extend their global presence making use of the +883 5100 international code created by the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) for Voxbone”· Colin Lightfoot, iNum Community Manager for Voxbone, is similarly satisfied saying: “We are pleased to have VoIPdito on board! and look forward to helping its customers extend their reach to new markets by establishing a local presence not bound by geography.”

Needless to say, VoIPdito’s services have upped the ante in internet communications. Clients not only have free internet calls and virtual telephone numbers without having to install complicated hardware – they also have the advantage of innovation and cost-effectiveness at their fingertips.

If you’d like more information about how VoIPdito joins the global iNum network, visit http://voipdito.com

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