Alaris inVoice v.2.9.0. New functionality for North American market

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Alaris inVoice v.2.9.0. New functionality for North American market Alaris inVoice v.2.9.0. New functionality for North American marketAlaris inVoice v.2.9.0. New functionality for North American market

17 May 2012

Alaris Labs, a vendor of solutions for telecom carriers, releases a new version of its inVoice billing and routing system. The new v.2.9.0 is targeted towards the North American market and includes NANP rating and call routing peculiarities.

Jurisdiction based differentiation of calling rates is now fully supported both in terms of billing and real-time routing procedures of inVoice. Intra/interLATA, intra/interstate, local rates are now applicable for NANP rate products, as well as indeterminate rate applies when the origin of the call is not know. Integration with LERG database serves as the core for identification of the call origin and destination.

Another important function that is part of the 2.9.0 release is LRN-numbers support, which provides for proper billing and routing of ported numbers. A third-party LRN service provider is queried using SIP protocol to identify the LRN number of the called party. To save on fees applied by commercial LRN database service providers the LRN responses are cached for a period of time in order to be reused if there comes another call to the same number. The system allows choosing the number to be used for billing – either the originally dialed destination number or the LRN number.

Rate import and export modules have been logically updated to support North American specificity. Apart from being able to instantly process dozens of thousands of NPA-NXX rates these modules support pairs of OCN-STATE, OCN-LATA rates. Rate import gives the option to import either full list of jurisdiction based rates (up to six rates per dial code), or just some of them (e.g.: inter/intraLATA) leaving the rest of the rates for the given dial code unchanged. Rate export gives the option to choose the desired export format.

Alaris inVoice v.2.9.0 is available for clients since May 17, 2012.

About Alaris Labs:
Alaris Labs is a leading software development company of telecommunication carrier solutions. The company develops billing & routing systems and business automation tools for wholesale interconnect and voice transit operations. Alaris Labs has got more than 10 years of technological and marketing expertise in telecom business. Company website:

Alaris Labs

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