Alaris inVoice v.2.10.0. Client portal and pro-active monitoring

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Alaris inVoice v.2.10.0. Client portal and pro-active monitoring Alaris inVoice v.2.10.0. Client portal and pro-active monitoringAlaris inVoice v.2.10.0. Client portal and pro-active monitoring

7 August 2012

Alaris Labs, a vendor of solutions for telecom carriers, releases a new version of its inVoice billing and routing system. The new features of the v.2.10.0 are related to instruments of pro-active monitoring of the major system parameters and to web portal for clients to be able to access statistical and balance information.

Client portal is aimed at providing customers with access to the statistical and financial data belonging to this customer. At portal the clients can view statistical information about the calls they have sent to the system owner (call count, successful call count, total duration, total cost) as well as they can download active rates according to which they are charged. Clients also can view and download invoices paid and pending to them. The Client portal is made a separate application and runs on a dedicated server instance, thus, along with other security measures it provides for hacker-proof system in general, since customers do not access the system core web-interface and database and thus are not given a chance to try hacking into the main system.

Another new feature of the current version is a monitoring dashboard, which holds alerts on all critical system events, such as the ones related to server resources (CPU, RAM, HDD utilization), routes quality (ASR, ACD drops), database internal errors and alerts. The system holds the history of alerts, lets the user define their statuses, comment on particular alert messages. Thanks to this tool the system administrator is now able to efficiently monitor and react to all critical events in real-time.

The Alaris inVoice v.2.10.0 also got enhancements related to web-interface user-friendliness, and to system security, as well as certain amount of bug fixing. The update to this version is available for clients since August 8, 2012.

About Alaris Labs:
Alaris Labs is a leading software development company of telecommunication carrier solutions. The company develops billing & routing systems and business automation tools for wholesale interconnect and voice transit operations. Alaris Labs has got more than 10 years of technological and marketing expertise in telecom business. Company website:

Alaris Labs

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