VoIP Innovations Bolsters Upstream Carrier Services

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VoIP Innovations Bolsters Upstream Carrier Services VoIP Innovations Bolsters Upstream Carrier ServicesVoIP Innovations Bolsters Upstream Carrier Services

22 October 2012

The wholesale VoIP industry is a competitive market. Building an infrastructure that allows a company to keep pace is a large component of being a prosperous business. VoIP Innovations has done just that, quickly making it the industry leader in the wholesale VoIP arena.

How does VoIP Innovations stay on top in such a competitive market? After interviewing the President, Jason Tapolci, the answer was clear.

"Offering a robust BackOffice, tied to solid upstream partners, is the formula to success," offered Tapolci.

Titanium III, VoIP Innovations’ industry leading BackOffice, is packed with features making operations easier for ITSPs, resellers, calling card companies, and call centers. Although Titanium III is a unique cutting edge platform, it could be argued that VoIP Innovations’ high quality, comprehensive, and competitive wholesale VoIP offering is what keeps it ahead of its competitors. These elements come directly from its upstream providers.

Selecting good partners, who offer the best mix of quality, features, and pricing is the key to ongoing success. This is where VoIP Innovations has an immediate leg up on the competition. VoIP Innovations is owned and funded by ABG Capital, an incubator firm, founded by the Tapolci brothers. ABG Capital funds and manages wholesale aggregator companies. One of these companies, GlobalPOPs, is a well-known wholesale managed modem industry leader, who has built an extensive managed modem network. VoIP Innovations tapped into this flourishing resource and built a network with the same vendors.

“This gave us the ability to come out of the gate with extremely competitive pricing and a well-established partnership,” stated President of VoIP Innovations, Jason Tapolci. “Being able to leverage GlobalPOPs existing carrier relationships, has certainly give VoIP Innovations an advantage over our competitors.” When asked if VoIP Innovations was adding new service providers, Tapolci stated, “We are continuously adding, evaluating, and improving carrier relations.”

VoIP Innovations is currently managing over 50 ILECs, CLECs, and other service providers and has recently bolstered its upstream carrier services. Strengthening its relationship with Level 3 Communication was VoIP Innovations’ main focus. They recently turned up Level 3’s short duration termination service called, “Managed Messaging”. This product will provide more throughput and better pricing for VoIP Innovations’ already competitive dialer termination product. Along with becoming a RespOrg this summer, VoIP Innovations has also made arrangements with Level 3 to be its number one toll-free origination provider.

“Their quality, uptime, and operations made this an easy decision, stated Barry Yancosek, Senior Operations Manager for VoIP Innovations.

Along with furthering its relationship with Level 3, VoIP Innovations also became one of the first Comcast wholesale VoIP customers. Comcast offers one of the largest telephony networks in the United States and this summer launched its wholesale origination offering.

“When I was debating who to bring on during the initial launch period, VoIP Innovations immediately came to mind,” Tina Telson, Comcast’s Director of Wholesale Origination stated. “VoIP Innovations’ experience, large customer base, and previous relationship were all factors in choosing them.”

Comcast’s wholesale origination service bolsters an already strong VoIP Innovations tier 2, 3, and 4 origination offering. VoIP Innovations was also able to bolster its tier 0 and 1 origination service offering by add T38 and CNAM DID features to their 01 Communications footprint. This change gives VoIP Innovations’ tier 0 and 1 origination service features not previously offered. In addition to adding new features to its tier 0 and 1, VoIP innovations strengthened their strategic partnership with Coretel, a Baltimore based company.

“Coretel is a northeastern CLEC who we have had a long term relationship with, dating back to the early GlobalPOPs days,” stated Sebastian Kiely, Director of Carrier Services.

All these moves have made an already stellar wholesale VoIP product even better. VoIP Innovations’ development team is continuously working to update new features in the BackOffice to ensure its Titanium III platform remains cutting edge. This, paired with excellent carrier partner relationships, keeps VoIP Innovations at the top of their competitive industry.

VoIP Innovations is based in Pittsburgh, PA and provides wholesale VoIP services to Carriers, ITSP’s, Calling Centers, Calling Card Companies and SMB/Enterprise. These services include VoIP Origination, Termination, Toll-Free, 411, e911, Caller ID, CNAM and more. VoIP Innovations was recently awarded #744 on the 2012 Inc. 5000 list and #12 on the Pittsburgh Business Times 100 List of Fastest-growing Pittsburgh-area Private Companies. For more information about VoIP Innovations, visit http://www.voipinnovations.com.

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