Kolmisoft and 5gFuture are ready to deliver next-generation visual monitoring capabilities to VoIP carriers and service providers.

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Kolmisoft and 5gFuture are ready to deliver next-generation visual monitoring capabilities to VoIP carriers and service providers. Kolmisoft and 5gFuture are ready to deliver next-generation visual monitoring capabilities to VoIP carriers and service providers.Kolmisoft and 5gFuture are ready to deliver next-generation visual monitoring capabilities to VoIP carriers and service providers.

4 April 2013

Kolmisoft and 5gFuture announce full integration of the Kolmisoft advanced VoIP billing software solution MOR and the 5gVision VoIP/SNMP monitoring suite.

This integration will allow MOR customers to have real-time charts and reports for over 30 VoIP parameters, including Active calls, Total attempts, Switched minutes, ACD, ASR, ABR, NER, PDD, % of short calls, % of certain disconnect codes, as well as price and profit statistics.

5gVision charts and reports are based on elaborate fabric of pre-calculated statistics for every object combination in a switch (for instance, Customer->Destination->Vendor), resulting in an amazing speed of retrieving data on thousands of objects over the spans of weeks or months. 5gVision is also giving carriers a highly flexible alerting tool that practically eliminates a need for traditional "watch it all the time" monitoring.

MOR Class 4/5 Softswitch with Billing and Routing enables VoIP providers to offer various services. Additional functionality available with MOR helps to add value to the services and allows starting and managing any kind of business models like wholesale termination & origination, retail/residential VoIP telephony, calling cards, call shops, etc. It is a full solution with no need to any additional equipment to manage a particular business model.

Andrew Han, CEO of LUCA Technology GmbH, and a dedicated customer of MOR and 5gVision:

"Before we migrated to MOR and 5gVision, we were working in the dark, knowing our statistics only at the end of the day. Getting these stats out of the switch was hard and unsatisfying manual work. Many times, if you make a small mistake in the request, you wait for minutes and minutes to get the report done to only realize that you need to correct the input and wait again.
After we started using MOR - 5gVision bundle, transparency got there instantly. Now we are able to monitor the softswitch activity inside in a near real time, also seeing how numbers of active calls, ACD, ASR, Short calls, profits etc. are evolving over time in nice and intuitive graphs.
One of the unique features of 5gVision charts is ability to compare current statistics with the previous period statistics. It allows zooming any period in the past and seeing detailed statistics at that time.
At the same time MOR enabled us to be more efficient. It is faster and also has more control on debugging. Most important that we can have customized features getting implemented like blacklisting.
We are very happy with a combination that we have found. MOR is an excellent switching and billing engine; 5gVision is a near-perfect data mining tool for tons of CDRs that normally would require long time to process in order to create a graph or a report. None of simple in-house solutions would work here, once you go past several million CDR records a month."

For more information please read a case study based on the Luca Technology experience using MOR-5gVision bundle http://bit.ly/lucatech-case-study

About Kolmisoft
Kolmisoft is a Global company which provides advanced telecom billing and routing solutions and services in 85 countries. Its’ main solution MOR is a system which allows easily and with no risk expand into new VoIP business directions.

“Our main focus is to secure a solid environment for our clients to build their businesses and progress towards their goals.” commented Mindaugas Kezys, CEO of Kolmisoft.

To request access to a fully functional demo of MOR, get a free trial on your own data or ask a question please contact: request@kolmisoft.com
More information: http://www.kolmisoft.com/

About 5gFuture Inc.
5gFuture is an innovative software design company from Toronto, Canada with a mission to create monitoring products based on the web interface of the next generation: quick, intuitive, and flexible.

Please watch a brief introductory video about 5gVision monitoring suite:

To request access to a fully functional demo of 5gVision, or get a free 30-day trial on your own data, please contact: request@5gfuture.com

Vilnius, Lithuania and Toronto, Canada – March 27, 2013.

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