LG-Nortel WDM-PON Ecosystem To Standardize Fiber-To-The-Premises Services

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LG-Nortel WDM-PON Ecosystem To Standardize Fiber-To-The-Premises Services LG-Nortel WDM-PON Ecosystem To Standardize Fiber-To-The-Premises ServicesLG-Nortel WDM-PON Ecosystem To Standardize Fiber-To-The-Premises Services

24 July 2009

SEOUL - Telecommunications operators will soon be able to implement next generation fiber-to-the-premises infrastructure with Teldat, Genexis and Comtrend pledging interoperability of their CPE solutions by joining the WDM-PON Ecosystem initiative from LG-Nortel, a joint venture of LG Electronics and Nortel* [OTC: NRTLQ].

Wavelength Division Multiplex-Passive Optical Network (WDM-PON) technology enables delivery of high-speed, point-to-point Ethernet services to businesses and residential customers over ultra broadband fiber access networks. Designing solutions within the WDM PON ecosystem will ensure tight interoperability between equipment from LG-Nortel, Genexis **, Comtrend ** and Teldat **. This will simplify interoperability testing and shorten rollout times so operators can deploy next-generation fibre-to-the-business/home/basestation (FTTx) and fiber backbone infrastructure more cost-effectively and efficiently.

Fiber-optic connectivity is essential for service providers seeking to meet the growing bandwidth demands of today's business and residential customers. As businesses focus more on cost-effective communications solutions that can boost employee productivity, they are turning to applications such as unified communications, high-definition videoconferencing, IPTV, and high-speed mobile communications - all of which present significant challenges for service providers by dramatically increasing the amount of data travelling through their last mile networks. Carriers must rapidly modernize the delivery of these high capacity services to meet forecasted demand.

LG-Nortel's WDM-PON Ecosystem initiative helps operators solve this problem by providing a cost-effective, resilient service layer that speeds the delivery of high-speed, ultra broadband, standards-based Ethernet services to customer premises."End users' insatiable appetite for bandwidth, driven by a growing range of network-intensive new applications, is pushing service providers to find new ways to deliver enough bandwidth," said Peter MacKinnon, chairman, LG-Nortel. "By partnering with leading technology providers to build a standards-based, interoperable WDM-PON Ecosystem, we will take the complexity out of FttP rollouts - and, in so doing, speed up the delivery of future-proof broadband that lets customers realize the benefits of a new generation of services."

"Ultra wideband over fibre is on the roadmap of most of our telecom customers, and Teldat wants to be a reference in corporate WDM-PON CPE teaming with the world leader LG-Nortel" said Ignacio Loizaga, vice president of Marketing, Teldat.

"Genexis, as leading player in the European FTTH market, values participation in the WDM PON Ecosystem with LG-Nortel, as a major stepping stone to significant growth of this new and exciting market space," said Dr. Gerlas van den Hoven, chief executive officer of Genexis.

In 2008, LG-Nortel acquired Novera Optics, a leading provider of WDM-PON solutions. The WDM-PON Ecosystem initiative builds on this expertise to provide a complete framework for the deployment of next-generation fiber-based access networks, including core network solutions and customer premises equipment (CPE) solutions.

In May 2009, LG-Nortel and ETRI, government backed Korea's leading IT research and development institute, announced they had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to promote global standardization of WDM-PON technology - including WDM-PON. The agreement focuses on the development of green broadcasting & communications technology, including shared research and development and joint actions for global marketing.

LG-Nortel's WDM-PON Ecosystem will bring together industry hardware and software vendors as well as component and tool suppliers to participate in creating interoperable WDM-PON solutions. As part of today's announcement, LG-Nortel invites additional customers, vendors and suppliers interested in ecosystem participation or further information, to visit www.lg-nortel.com/ecosystem .


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