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Reduce Costs, Do More and Work Smarter with Enterprise IP Telephony Reduce Costs, Do More and Work Smarter with Enterprise IP TelephonyReduce Costs, Do More and Work Smarter with Enterprise IP Telephony

27 January 2010

According to Gartner, Inc. annual survey, the top ten business priorities for 2010 include improving business process, reducing enterprise costs and improving workforce effectiveness. Global business’s research also shows them as CIO’s main problems.
A company that has already deployed an enterprise IP telephony network can reach these goals with special software that helps
? decrease employee telecom expenses without limiting the necessary communications;
? save on enterprise VoIP network administration;
? hold meetings with hundreds of participants, including the remote ones, without equipping a special conferencing room;
? unify messaging and client request processing;
? improve contact-center effectiveness by automating call processing, smoothing out peak phone loads, saving costs with a distributed solution, etc;
? simplify phone inventory chores
and more.
But, in practice and as Audrey William, Frost & Sullivan research director, says, organizations are still struggling to define and understand the strategic benefits of unified communications, though “A lot of IT managers and CIOs have said that this is one technology they can achieve real ROI from.”
As it turns out, CIOs/CTOs can get all the necessary information to understand VoIP technology, IP telephony and Unified Communications easily from a new free e-book “The Connected Enterprise: Unleash the True Potential of Your Enterprise VoIP”, which was recently published by Alexander Anoshin, the CEO of BCS-IT. In particular:
? those, who plan to migrate to IP telephony, can use it to learn about appropriate software available in the market and prepare a migration plan to reduce incompatibility risks;
? a company with the existing IP-telephony network can learn about the solutions that will improve its business performance and provide a greater ROI;
? an IP telephony integrator can discover new enterprise VOIP solutions and services to offer to his customers;
? a managed / hosted provider can define Unified Communications solutions to introduce as value-added services to his clients.
Each book’s chapter consists of general and analytical information, suggestions how to get more results from enterprise VoIP integration, a vendor list and number of practical recommendations that can be done immediately after reading the e-book.
Alexander Anoshin says: “Today’s economy makes CIOs and CTOs search for all the possible ways to reduce daily costs and do more with less. As we have gained a lot of experience in using VoIP software to cut enterprise expenses, improve employee productivity and enhance customer loyalty, I wrote the e-book to share our experience and help company executives get the maximum ROI in their existing enterprise VoIP networks.”
A curious CTO can download (PDF, 825Kb), read and spread this e-book for free from without sharing any personal data.
About BCS-IT
BCS-IT specializes in enterprise VoIP software development aimed to improve the ROI of IP telephony networks. With 9 year experience in building IP telephony applications for Cisco-based solutions, this company provides quality services in custom software development and enterprise application integration, supported by efficient work and quality control processes.


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