Area Code 808 Hawaii Phone Numbers Added to DIDXchange

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Area Code 808 Hawaii Phone Numbers Added to DIDXchange Area Code 808 Hawaii Phone Numbers Added to DIDXchangeArea Code 808 Hawaii Phone Numbers Added to DIDXchange

5 March 2010

Super Technologies, Inc.'s DIDXchange has announced the addition of the popular Hawaii DID phone numbers to 16,200 telephony service providers' DIDX ecosystem. Hawaii has been the most requested state for USA phone numbers since DIDX inception in 2005. Wholesale level IP communications are able to sign up, complete a six step interop, terms and SLA to be instantly interconnected with thousands of other providers in 170 nations with access to DID phone numbers from Hawaii, but also 63 countries with choice of pricing, plans, features, quality level and vendor.

A local presence via a local phone number in Hawaii will potentially connect the global user to lucrative industries such as tourism with more than 24% of its Gross State Product and a total gross output of over 47 billion USD. Hawaii is a preferred location to vacation and live because of its natural beauty, and warm climate. A few other reasons that users and organizations will benefit from a local presence in Hawaii are surfing, the only US state with a coffee crop, global respect for its macadamia nuts specialty, and the $64.3 million sugarcane industry. Users can request their telephone service provider if it is a member of DIDXchange to take advantage of the Hawaii and other areas' DID phone number offers.

"IP communications service providers should just ask their users how cool and smart it would be to own a Hawaii phone number. Organizations and individuals in Hawaii will be able to dial the local Hawaii phone number and it will ring wherever the IP communications company's user has set it to ring to, whether to SIP, IAX2, instant messenger, web dialer, cell phone, or landline," stated Muneeb Iqbal, Senior Vice President Sales for Super Technologies, Inc. "We're already down to 26 numbers after the first day, so DIDX members should take advantage as soon as possible."

Ali Hassan Memon, senior member of Super Technologies' marketing team added, "There are many tourist agencies working offshore with Hawaii being one of the world's most popular travel spots. A Hawaiian phone number will make a huge difference in their abilities to broker the best vacation, honeymoon, and sabbatical deals. A 'Kelepona huahelu,' telephone number in Hawaiian is a smart purchase."

The famous singer Pink once asked Matt Damon, "Is there anything you want me to ask you, besides your phone number?” Hawaii is the birthplace of many celebrity successes over the years such as Keiko Agena, Akebone Taro, Brian Burton, Lance Hahn and Nicole Kidman, and the phone number is one of the most cited pieces of anyone's identity. Known in the voice over Internet world as DID (direct inward dialing), it has the potential to keep students in touch with parents; spouse with spouse while apart in the military, business or other; industries such as shipping, transportation, trade, and finance in touch with their current and potential clients, partners, and suppliers.

"It's always interesting to hear how the DIDX members' clients use DID phone numbers to improve their lives, relationships, interests and business. In the case of Hawaii, one plans to use it to facilitate research studies on volcanic activity. Another to bring together world wide Polynesian musicians. We just found Aloha808 site in memory of a promising architecture student and friend. The addition of Hawaii DID on DIDX has even moved a DIDX member who was a vendor only to open a buyer account," Suzanne Bowen, vice president of marketing with Super Technologies, Inc. and DIDX. "Check under Vendor ID 716193, new but extremely reliable and with a good industry reputation. The wholesale rate per Hawaii DID in USD is $1 NRC, $4 MRC, 0.0125 cents per minute, and includes 50 channels (up to 50 simultaneous calls)."

About Super Technologies, Inc. and DIDXchange

Super Technologies, Inc. headquartered in Pensacola, Florida, USA since 1999 created and provides services such as the wholesale DIDXchange marketplace where mobile operators, MVNOs, carriers, IP communications entrepreneurs, and large multi-national businesses buy and sell SIP and IAX2 DID phone numbers. For more information, view website

Super Technologies Inc.

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