DIDXchange Membership Statistics Reflect the Global Telecommunications Ecosystem

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DIDXchange Membership Statistics Reflect the Global Telecommunications Ecosystem DIDXchange Membership Statistics Reflect the Global Telecommunications EcosystemDIDXchange Membership Statistics Reflect the Global Telecommunications Ecosystem

12 August 2010

IP communications' service DIDXchange releases results of its wholesale carrier and voIP company membership ranking the most new memberships in Asia, Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

"In many areas of Asia, Middle East, Africa and Latin America, we have new and strong carriers selling direct inward dialing phone numbers as well as some of the most exciting voIP startups buying. We researched the top 10 buyer members in regards to their IP communications market reach niche-wise and geographically speaking, as well as DID volume and purchase volume. We note this group is dominated by consumer voip solutions, private label programs, ISPs, an IPTV provider, IP PBX providers, and one of the world's most powerful organizations," stated Muneeb Iqbal, VP of Sales, Super Technologies, Inc. and DIDX. "The top sellers are CLECs, incumbents, paging service providers, and mobile operators."

Such in-house statistics could be indicative of the services models changing in emerging as well as developed areas in Asia, Africa, Middle East and Latin America as may be noted in Forbes' emerging market category. Providers and operators are competing nationally and even globally instead of just regionally like they used to, and the new next-gens are being bought up like "hotcakes" by tycoons and magnates in Russia, China, and India making more competition and pushing for more innovation and less tradition among all.

Among the top 40 buyers on DIDX, thirteen state headquarters in the USA but also remote offices and call centers in other parts of the world. Two are in Israel and five in India.

At least 20% of them have some focus on mobile services and capabilities, including Apple, Symbian, Android or RIM, probably because of the increasing popularity of mobile IP anything by young people in general and new startups, but also "capitalizing on the trend of businesses moving more employees to only mobile devices," according to Infonetics Research.

"The churn rate among 17,000 + wholesale level entrepreneurs and companies using DIDX to buy and/or sell direct inward dialing voIP phone numbers is practically non-existent at on average less than 2 %. Current members also tend to refer other members. For example, USA CLECs, who normally use DIDX to sell domestic USA DID, refer their wholesale clients to use DIDX for international DID phone number needs. We have also started increasing our complimentary marketing efforts to showcase successful DIDX members on audio podcasts to iTunes, video interviews, and in our new online magazine Techistan," added Suzanne Bowen, Vice President of Marketing, Super Technologies, Inc. and DIDX.

Super Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1999 by Rehan Allahwala and Suzanne Bowen to provide IP communications services. Its initial focus was SMB and consumer market but with the invention of Virtual Phone Line in 2000 and DIDXchange in 2005 by Rehan Allahwala, its focus has evolved to wholesale, media and publicity, and research and development. Find out more and make contact at www.supertec.com, www.didx.net, and www.techistan.com. Meet with the DIDX care team at conferences listed at http://www.didx.net/events.

Super Technologies Inc.

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