DIDXchange Peers Alaska Presence via DID to Wholesale Telecom Offerings

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DIDXchange Peers Alaska Presence via DID to Wholesale Telecom Offerings DIDXchange Peers Alaska Presence via DID to Wholesale Telecom OfferingsDIDXchange Peers Alaska Presence via DID to Wholesale Telecom Offerings

3 November 2010

DIDXchange, the leading provider of VoIP DID phone numbers among wholesale communications service providers in 170 nations, today announced availability of Alaska e.164 phone numbers.

Carriers and operators, both wireless and wired, who wish to offer local presence, virtual office, and connections to VIP of their end-users, can buy direct inward dialing (DID) numbers via session initiation protocol (SIP), Asterisk (IAX), H323, freeSWITCH, Kamailio and other applications and protocols via the DIDXchange.

"Alaska, as anyone knows is the largest state in physical area of the United States, but it also the least populated by permanent residents. Why is Alaska so popular as an area to own a phone number? Tourism, its coastline (more than all of the rest of the USA combined); connections of those in Alaska with Ireland, Germany, Norway, Pacific Islands, Asia who want to connect the two areas via DID; oil and natural gas investors and companies, and the military bases, just to name a few," stated Suzanne Bowen, vice president of marketing. "We gained this information from DIDx members who buy phone numbers on wholesale and resell to their SMB and consumer users. We asked them why would or do their users want to own and have as part of their identity... Alaska phone numbers? And by the way, we met the Alaska DID vendor at an ITEXPO event."

Alaska has great potential for global scientific and university research and boasts political popularity after Sarah Palin's bid for Vice President in 2008. It has been known to have a problem with "brain drain" since many of its youth graduate from college and then leave Alaska for more financially lucrative choices of career and lifestyle. These young people often leave the country and need to stay in touch with family, remote office, or others back home in Alaska. An Alaska phone number can fill this need.

Rehan Allahwala, CEO of DIDX and inventor of all of Super Technologies, Inc. innovations, further acknowledged, "DIDXchange holds the world's largest wholesale only global footprint with 60 countries in the Americas, Asia, Africa, Australia, Middle East, and Europe. Adding Alaska as one of the few missing areas of this wholesale DID pool is another milestone reached, but this does not mean we are complacent. We are currently working to get more quality DID from additional Latin American, African, and Asian countries and to add more features that wholesale DID providers need. Most recently we added SMS on USA DID, ring to Skype, and more sales, CDR, and inventory reports online and for download."

The complete global DIDXchange DID and DDI footprint is available at http://www.didx.net/did which as of October 2010 includes: Jamaica, Northern Mariana Islands, USA, Canada, Dominican Republic, Russia, South Africa, Greece, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Switzerland, Austria, United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Germany, Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Malaysia, Australia, Philippines, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, China, Pakistan, Angola, Portugal, Luxembourg, Ireland, Iceland, Cyprus, Finland, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Panama, Hong Kong, Israel, Bahrain, and Georgia. Carriers and operators are invited and welcome to join DIDX and be a vendor and/or buyer of phone numbers.

Super Technologies, Inc. is headquartered in Pensacola, FL, USA since 1999. DIDXchange is one of its IP communications services for wholesale only customers. DIDXchange provides global local and toll-free phone numbers in 60 countries with vendors rated for quality and reputation of DID and company. With the huge database of phone numbers, members in 170 nations, member-controlled DIDX portals for purchase, sale, billing completed by our company, DIDXchange empowers its wholesale only clients to successfully and instantly gain and expland global markets and revenue and increase customer retention. For more information, visit www.didx.net.

Super Technologies Inc.

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