IPsmarx Technology Releases New DID Forwarding Switch to Enhance their Award Winning PINless Calling Platform

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IPsmarx Technology Releases New DID Forwarding Switch to Enhance their Award Winning PINless Calling Platform IPsmarx Technology Releases New DID Forwarding Switch to Enhance their Award Winning PINless Calling PlatformIPsmarx Technology Releases New DID Forwarding Switch to Enhance their Award Winning PINless Calling Platform

2 April 2011

New feature enables PINless Calling Card Providers to differentiate their services by offering added convenience to their customers, while reducing their operating costs.

RESTON, VA, February 2, 2011 – IPsmarx Technology has announced the release of their new DID Forwarding Switch that enables PINless Calling Providers to offer a unique feature that will provide added convenience to their customers, while reducing their overhead cost.

Developed based on customer demand, the latest version of the IPsmarx DID Forwarding Switch allows end users to dial a local phone number that is automatically routed to an international destination, without having to enter a PIN or key in a lengthy international phone number. Using ANI recognition, the DID Forwarding Switch will recognize end users by the phone number they are calling from to route the call appropriately. This results in huge savings for service providers who will not have to purchase unique DID access numbers for each of their customers.

“In a traditional PINless calling scenario, end users will have to dial a local or toll free access number and then dial an international destination phone number when placing a call,” says Laura Sabet, Tech Sales Representative with IPsmarx, “With the latest version of our DID Forwarding Switch, end users simply dial one local phone number to reach their friends and family. This is a much more convenient solution for making international phone calls.”

End users can begin using this convenient calling service in 3 easy steps:

1.Sign up for an account on service provider’s website.
2.Enter the international phone numbers that they call frequently.
3.Receive unique local phone numbers for each international phone number.
4.Save the local numbers and dial anytime they want to reach their friends and family overseas.

To offer this unique service, IPsmarx provides all of the technology needed, including a complete E-commerce solution and wholesale carrier services.

“Clients often approach us to get our feedback on how to be successful in the VoIP industry. Differentiating your service and creating customer loyalty are two of the best ways to grow a VoIP business,” says Account Manager, Carrie Fedders, “By implementing DID Forwarding, our clients have the unique opportunity to offer a feature that is not widely advertised in the market, while providing convenience to their end users who will be encouraged to use the service more as a result.”

About IPsmarx
IPsmarx has been providing VoIP applications and switching solutions to service providers, carriers, ISPs and calling card providers for almost 10 years. For more information about our solutions please contact IPsmarx at 703-871-5273 or email Sales@ipsmarx.com, and visit www.ipsmarx.com.

To view a video on our new DID Forwarding Switch go to: http://ipsmarx.com/videos/didforwarding.html.

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(703) 946-0399

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