Aianna release a complete Hostred PBX rich in features

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Aianna release a complete Hostred PBX rich in features Aianna release a complete Hostred PBX rich in featuresAianna release a complete Hostred PBX rich in features

26 April 2011

Aianna Enterprise IP PBX Features

• Hosted IP PBX
In-house PBX system for enterprises
The IP PBX is a complete solution combining telephony PBX functionality with next generation services including unified messaging, instant messaging, presence and video.
The IP PBX is a pure IP system delivering all services over network. It supports SIP trunks for origination. For termination various VoIP carriers can be defined.
The system can also be equipped with a TDM card with E1 or T1 interface in order to connect to an ISDN PRI from telecom.
The platform is offered with remote technical support, remote training and configuration help by a dedicated support engineer.
• Flexible PBX company structure and users management
• Advanced PBX features list
• Communication – Voice, Video, SMS, Instant Messaging
• Admin interface and billing options
• Flexible PBX company structure and users management:
Each company PBX account is associated with a master account which role is management of the user accounts, virtual numbers and other configuration settings.
Master PBX account can define company’s division on multilevel branches and departments for example by geographical locations of the offices or by a department’s structure like sales, support, management etc.
The master account is also responsible for creating and managing the accounts for the company personal. Each account can be granted different security level determining the access to certain functionality of the PBX.
The user accounts are associated with extensions. Every account can have multiple extensions. This feature is very useful in connection with the Answering rules module. For example a user having various extensions for different purposes (e.g. one extension for sales phone, another for corporate communication etc.) can then define different actions for incoming calls to given extension.
Each user account is a SIP account allowing user to register to the system from different devices including:
• SIP hardware phones
• SIP software clients (our Vippie communicator or 3rd party clients)
• SIP mobile clients (our Vippie Mobile softphones family)
In addition a user can log in to the web PBX interface in order to manage his account, use Contacts menu and other functions available from the web PBX.

Advanced PBX features list:
Standard PBX features
• Multiple Extensions per user
• Multi-Level IVR Auto Attendants
• Music “On Hold”
• Time spans, scheduled routing
• DIDs and SIP trunks
• Ring Groups, support for queuing
• Call Screening
• Find me, follow me – concurrent or linear with failover based on priorities
• Call Forward on “Busy”, on “No Answer”, when “Offline”
• Call Forward and Follow Me based on Caller ID
• Playing a greeting while forwarding, personalized greetings (based on Caller ID)
• Call Transfer – blind and attended
• Call Parking
• Do Not Disturb, also based on Caller ID
• Call Recording
• Virtual extensions – forward to external numbers.
Greetings management
• Recording voice prompts directly from the web interface using a microphone
• Uploading already recorded voice prompts thru the web
• Recording voice prompts by calling an IVR number

Voicemail Features
• Individual Mail boxes for each user
• Voicemail to e-mail Forwarding (in MP3 file)
• Voicemail notification through SMS
• Voicemail to text transcription (with notification to SMS or e-mail)
• Message Waiting Indicator
• Web Management of Voicemail greetings
• Personalized Voicemail greetings based on Caller ID
• Listening to Voicemails directly from web
• Listening to Voicemails by calling an IVR number
• Push notification for IPhone users (Coming Soon)
Automatic Phone Provisioning
• Web based provisioning interface, (support for TFTP and HTTP provisioning)
• Templates for Linksys, Yealink, Grandstream, Nokia SIP client (through SMS) and others
• Calls history with details, export to a CSV file
• Missed calls information
• Invoices downloadable from the web interface
• Payments history
• Sign up & recharge modules supporting the most popular payment systems(PayPal)
• Automatic credit card payments on low balance or/and for other cyclical payments like for monthly subscriptions, virtual numbers (DID), Voicemail to text service etc.
• Company Directory
• General Contact lists with groups stored on the server
• Sharing groups with other users
• Private Contact lists (not visible by other users)
• Click a number to make a call (using web phone) or click to send SMS to a contact
• Sending contact’s V-card through SMS
• Company directory’s integration with the Presence/Instant messaging server (jabber), showing users statuses in the Company Contacts list, click to chat option
• Tenant level administrators, master accounts
• DID assignment
• Tenant assigned trunks
• Creating users (company/tenant personal) accounts
• Permission management, granting access for particular user to certain functionality/web interface menus
• Importing users accounts from file
• Creating company structure: branches and departments
• Assigning extensions to users
• Reports and statistics
Short text messaging (SMS)
• SMS among users (SIP)
• SMS to externals phones (SMPP, HTTP from the server to SMS carrier/SMS gateway)
• SMS inbox and outbox on the web interface
• Support for DIDs with SMS
• Vippie mobile clients
• Vippie communicator
• Web softphone
Instant messenger (Coming soon)
• Presence server, showing PBX users status
• Chat among PBX users
• File transfer
• Web chat
• Video conference among multiple web chat users
• Integration with Vippie Mobile and Vippie PC
Unified messaging
• SMS to e-mail
• SMS forward, for example internal SMS forwarded to external GSM number
• Voicemail to text to SMS or e-mail
• Voicemail as MP3 to e-mail
• Offline IM message to SMS
• Voicemail text trough push notification to IPhone users
• SMS through push notification to IPhone users
Other options
• Multiple languages on the web interface
• Multiple themes
• Click to call flash button to be placed on a website, direct connection to predefined PBX number
• Connect Two, web initiated call conference between two phone numbers
• Integration with API of the major DID providers allowing for real time DIDs ordering
• 911 support
• Layout editor for users allowing for grouping functionalities in one menu
Communication – Voice, Video, SMS, Instant messaging:
• Voice and video communication over SIP protocol, supported video Codecs H263, H264 supported speech Codecs: G729, G723.1, G722, G711 and others
• SMS short text messages over SIP among users and to the PBX, to the external networks (e.g. GSM phones) the server converts SMS to SMPP or HTTP protocol in order to send it further to an SMS termination carrier or an SMS gateway
• Instant messaging: through XMPP protocol, support for yahoo, MSN and other messengers through XMPP transports (one IM client with multiple accounts)
• web video conferences for logged users, multiple participants support
Vippie clients:
• Vippie mobile: Blackberry (Voice), Android (Voice, SMS), Symbian (Voice, SMS, IM), IPhone (voice, SMS, IM), Windows Mobile (Voice, SMS)
• Vippie PC (Voice, SMS, IM).

Admin interface and billing options:
The admin interface allows for advanced configuration of the PBX platform. It should be used by the system Admin only (not by tenants which have management options for their PBX instance only after logging in as a master PBX account).
From the admin interface following operations can be performed (main options):
• Connectivity to DIDs providers
• Managing local DIDs inventory (DIDs from a SIP trunk or through a local gateway or extension card)
• Setting fees (setup and monthly) for DIDs
• Defining rates for voice and SMS
• Creating monthly packages, for example including certain number of minutes to certain destinations within monthly subscription fee
• Defining additional charges e.g. Voicemail to text subscription, DIDs payments, 911 fee etc.
• Creating tenants accounts
• Configuring sign up component for online tenants registration
• Enabling automatic recharge options (by credit cards associated with users) for cyclical payments
• Automatic invoice generation (with optionally CDR included)
• Support for prepaid and postpaid accounts
• Defining the default layout for the web interface.

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