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Types of VoIP Connections Types of VoIP ConnectionsTypes of VoIP Connections

25 November 2011

As you may already know, VoIP industry is offering a number of different ways to connect to the world. This includes PC to Phone, PC to PC, Web to PC and other types of VoIP services. To make the process of VoIP clear for you, from now on I will talk about each of the above mentioned VoIP services in detail.

In PC to Phone scheme of the implementation of IP-telephony one of the subscribers is using a regular phone instead of the multimedia computer. Communication is carried out through the gateway, which on the one hand is connected to the telephone network and can connect to any phone, while on the other end it is connected to the Internet, and can connect to any computer.
Gateway digitizes compresses and packs the incoming signal of the telephone network and transmits it to IP-based network to a computer. The signal from the computer goes back processing, and transmitted to the telephone network. The passage of signals in both directions takes place almost immediately, providing a two-way communication, allowing talking and listening simultaneously.

Web to phone type of connection
A call from the web site or, in other words, “click-to-call” is a relatively new Internet phone service that allows initiating a telephone call from a computer with just one click on the button (hyperlink) on the web-page.
If you choose this type of VoIP service, there will be no need for a phone number. One of the main advantages of using this VoIP product is the low cost of the call, which equals the cost of wasted traffic. To implement such a call, the user may need to install client software. This is usually done automatically from the same page of the website. The service click-to-call has been successfully used in e-commerce and allows customers of Internet companies to promptly contact the support team of the VoIP provider. Alternatively, the user may choose to enter his/her phone number in the Web page, which the customer service representative of the VoIP provider will use to call you. This is the so-called call back.

The first opportunity to call using Voice over IP (VoIP) was introduced in 1995, when, in February the company VocalTec announced the program for telephony over the Internet using PC. This was the birth of a new type of telephony from a PC to PC via Internet protocol.
Today, VoIP has become something people use every day and thanks to Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk and Skype this technology has reached its new peak. Skype, for example, boasts more than 100 million registered users worldwide.
Another VoIP possibility is Softphones, which exist in the form of free versions. There is also software installed on your PC or laptop and allow you to make calls through the VoIP provider. Today, PC to PC VoIP Connections are used less.
This form of telephony is not completely devoid of problems, as voice quality depends not only on the network and its quality, but also a bit on the power of PC.
This type of telephony has been interesting only to individuals, but recently more and more enterprises are using PC to PC VoIP Connections.

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