Global IP and Tpad Join Forces to Dominate VoIP Communications in Windows 7

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Global IP and Tpad Join Forces to Dominate VoIP Communications in Windows 7 Global IP and Tpad Join Forces to Dominate VoIP Communications in Windows 7Global IP and Tpad Join Forces to Dominate VoIP Communications in Windows 7

27 May 2010

Ninja Pro Softphone is fully encrypted, TAPI complaint VoIP that’s easy to use and the only Softphone compatible with Windows 7 Operating System

Tpad and Global IP have taken on the challenge of delivering VoIP to Windows 7 and Vista users with great success. Providing a full range of features that allow consumers to maximize their communication experience. The specially branded Tpad “Ninja Pro” combines the best software with the best telephony infrastructure to transform the personal computer into a powerhouse telephone.

Imagine being able to integrate all of your computer telephone tools like your address book in Outlook, your Customer Relationship Management database or Microsoft Exchange Server and you will begin to see the possibilities of using this system.

The ability to instantly dial calls directly from within your own database is just one of the time-saving features of the Tpad branded “Ninja Pro” system. The comprehensive and intuitive menus make communicating via VoIP / SIP on WIN2000, WIN XP, WIN2003, VISTA and Windows7 a breeze even without TAPI.

Making the “Ninja Pro” Softphone customizable was a top priority to Global IP Telecommunication who realized the importance to consumers and business owners to have a system that adjusts to their workflow tasks. This includes localization in a majority of the world’s languages and remote administration support.

The customer selected service packages of Tpad’s global telephony network allow everyone to have the features they need in using the “Ninja Pro” Softphone. Consumers can realize significant cost savings using VoIP / SIP and with the advanced features of this Softphone users can enjoy professional level audio and video calls at a fraction of the rates charged by fixed line providers.

For Windows 7 users this is an excellent opportunity to see the capabilities of VoIP at its highest level of performance. Tpad’s Customer Care Advisors are on hand to address any technical issues to configure the “Ninja Pro” for operations with the Windows 7 or Vista operating system.

Tpad has been recognized for several years as one of the most progressive, consumer-oriented leaders in delivering high-quality VoIP services to individuals and businesses around the world. This latest addition to the host of VoIP tools for crystal-clear communications tackles one of the remaining obstacles to VoIP usage. With the branded Tpad “Ninja Pro” software, VoIP for everyone is now a reality.

About Tpad (
Tpad, a tier one data provider, is the world’s most progressive supplier of next-generation telephony solutions for consumers and businesses is highly regarded for its innovative approach to expanding communication access. Tpad provides a superior quality global VoIP network, affording users a wide range of VoIP / SIP devices (Soft phones, Dialers, Mobile SIP Clients, Linksys ATAs, IP phones or Wi-Fi mobiles) to make free or low cost calls anywhere in the world with crystal clear voice quality.
A full selection of free downloadable PC SIP / VoIP softphones (Global IP Tel / Xlite / ZoIPer / SJPhone) and daillers can be found here


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