1,4,8 channels GSM VoIP Gateway ,8 GoIP

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1,4,8 channels GSM VoIP Gateway ,8 GoIP 1,4,8 channels GSM VoIP Gateway ,8 GoIP1,4,8 channels GSM VoIP Gateway ,8 GoIP

27 August 2011

We are a manufacturer that R&D and professional manufacturing VoIP Terminal. There have VoIP Phone, VOIP GSM Gateway, VOIP FXS Port Gateway, Cross-Network Gateway RoIP , PSTN Bypass Gateway. recorder box. For more, welcome to our website: www.chinaskyline.cn or www.chinaskyline.net
contact person:Kitty Yan
Company:shenzhen SKYLINE Techology Co.,LtD

1,4,8 channels GSM VoIP Gateway ,8 GoIP description:
The 8 channels GSM VoIP gateway is 8 SIM Card Broadband Phone Gateway that had been developed by SKYLINE Ltd. GOIP_8 SIM Card Broadband Phone Gateway is a new product that connect the GSM and the VOIP seamlessly. To GOIP_8 what is installed on the Mobile SIM Card, you can register the GSM telephone on the VOIP Softswitch.SIP and H.323 agreement are built in the GOIP_8 and configured flexible. Caller ID can be seen by using SIP. Flexible routing can meet the need of all kinds of call forwarding; even more special is that GOIP_8 support multi-device group, it can be easily combined into arbitrary number of channels of Large Gateway Group.

Key Features

•Multiple GoIP8 grouping mode
•Provide eight cellular channels for IP-PBX
•Open Standard VoIP Protocols (ITU H.323 V4 and IETF SIP V2)
•Single or Multiple Server Registrations
•Two 10/100 Ethernet circuits connect to the LAN and an additional device
•GSM module for making GSM calls
•Speech quality ensured by QoS at the Ethernet and IP layers and comprehensive jitter buffer
•VLAN and QoS support
•NAT Transversal and Router functions
•Voice prompts, HTTP Web, Auto Provision support for configuration and updates
•Highly stable embedded Linux operating system in high performance ARM 9 Processor

Basic Features

•LEDs for Power, Ready, Status, WAN, PC, GSM
•Call forward from GSM to VoIP and VoIP to GSM
•Dial in mode or dial out mode only
•Dial Plan
•Password protection for both GSM dial in or dial out
•Retransmit GSM Caller ID to VoIP terminal

Enhanced Features

•Dynamic selection of codec
•Advanced jitter buffer
•Automatic traversal of NAT and firewall
•VLAN / Qos
•Echo cancellation for Speakerphone
•Comfort noise generation (CNG)
•Voice activity detection (VAD)
•Auto provisioning (requires auto provisioning server)
•On line firmware upgrade
•Multi-language support: English and Chinese

Hardware Specifications

•Processor: ARM9E 133MHz
•DSP: VPDSP101 196MHz
•Memory: RAM 16MB/ Flash 4MB
•GSM Module: Type: 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz
•Power: Input AC100V ~ 240V, output DC12V/2A +-10%
•Power consumption: 32W maximum
•Network card: 100/10Base-T x2
•LED: Operation and lines light
•GSM Passway:eight
•Operating temperature: 10°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
•Storage temperature: 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)
•Working Humidity: 40% ~ 90% Not congealed
•Weight: 1203 g (1 lb) (Including AC/DC Adapter)
•Warranty: one year

Supported Standards

•ITU: H.323 V4, H.225, H.235, H.245, H.450
•RFC 1889 - RTP/RTCP
•RFC 2327 SDP
•RFC 2833 RTP Payload for DTMF Digits, Telephony Tones and Telephony Signals
•RFC 2976 SIP INFO Method
•RFC 3261 SIP
•RFC 3264 Offer/Answer model with SDP
•RFC 3515 SIP REFER Method
•RFC 3842 A Message Summary and Message Waiting Indicator
•RFC 3489 Simple Traversal of User Datagram Protocol (UDP) Through Network Address Translators (NATs)
•RFC 3891 SIP Replaces Header
•RFC 3892 SIP Referred-By Mechanism
•draft-ietf-sipping-cc-transfer-04 Session Initiation Protocol Call Control - Transfer
•Codec: G.711 (A/µ law), G.729A/B, G.723.1
•DTMF: RFC 2833, In-band DTMF, SIP INFO

shenzhen SKYLINE Techology Co.,LtD

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